The Benefits of CBD Oil For Pets with Cancer

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Receiving the bad news that your pet is being diagnosed with cancer is both surprising and devastating. Never in a million years you expected to hear such awful news, but you shouldn’t let despair take over you. Instead you must fight to find a cure and prolong its life as much as possible.

Apart from chemotherapy, CBD oil is one of the most efficient natural remedies in the treatment of this condition. It alleviates the painful symptoms and restores your companion’s energy.

Take a look at the main benefits of using cannabidiol in the fight with this horrifying disease and find the best CBD oil for cats and other pets, to fight cancer.

Cancer types

Lymphoma, as its name implies, is a type of cancer which affects the function of the lymphatic system in your pet’s organism. Dogs and cats suffering from lymphoma experience a reverse function of their immune system, which instead of defending their organism from infections, ends up attacking their own body, particularly the tissues. Visit this page to learn more about lymphoma in animals.

Mammary cancer is more common among canines, especially the female ones. It usually results from an increase of estrogen secretion in the organism. The best alternative for saving your canine’s life would be removing the tumor surgically, once it’s being discovered.

Melanoma is present in both canines and felines, causing a mutation of the pigmented skin cells. In animals, it develops in their cavity, toes and eyes, but due to its aggressive nature, it’s very likely to affect the intestines as well.  

Most common symptoms

Regarding symptoms, it’s rather hard for pet owners to recognize the signs of this condition, as animals are quite secretive about exhibiting signs of having cancer. They usually experience reduced appetite, which leads to weight loss and vomiting. It’s also common for them to become lethargic and reluctant to perform their normal activities. However, the problem lies in the fact that these symptoms are almost identical to the ones of anxiety and old age.

Perhaps a more efficient way of detecting cancer symptoms is performing a check-up of your pet’s body. Any swelling or pain that results from your touch might be an indicator. Anyhow, the most evident sign would be a lump that forms in the body area affected by the disease. Upon noticing such a lump, make sure you visit a veterinarian immediately.

Benefits of CBD oil in cancer treatment

After your pet is being diagnosed with cancer, the following procedure is being subjected to chemotherapy in order to prolong its life as much as possible. However, since chemotherapy is accompanied with a lot of discomfort, most pet owners use CBD oil to relieve their pain. Also, animals in their late stage of life aren’t capable of withstanding the effects of chemotherapy, which is why CBD is considered a more suitable treatment.

Actually, the most incredible benefit of administering cannabidiol to your fluffy companion is pain relief. Pain results both from tissue inflammation as well as the therapy your pet is going through. However, CBD influences the receptors that modulate pain, thus reducing its intensity.  

Another important benefit is improving your furry friend’s sleep. Most canines and felines experience lack of sleep and lethargy, which aren’t beneficial for fighting the disease. Anyhow, cannabidiol plays an important role in boosting animals’ mood, by increasing the production of serotonin. Therefore, they become more active during the day and able to get quality sleep during the night.

Appetite stimulation is crucial in the treatment of cancer, as animals undergo sickness and vomiting during its course. Fortunately, CBD oil is capable of reducing the nausea symptoms, thus stimulating appetite and increasing your pet’s weight.

Lastly, cannabidiol is believed to obstruct tumor growth, by impeding the spread of cancerous cells throughout the organism. Along with the effect of chemotherapy, CBD oil can extend the life of your beloved companion.


Prior to administrating any CBD product to your dog or cat, you’re advised to have a consultation with its veterinarian. This visit won’t serve the purpose of getting a prescription, as you don’t need one. In fact, you can purchase CBD oil online, from websites like, which offer various types of products for this condition.

Anyhow, a veterinarian would be the right person to advise you about the dosage, particularly if your pet is taking other medications. Naturally, in combination with other medications the dosage should be lower.

However, if cannabidiol is the only product being administered, then the dosage would depend on the gravity of the condition and the animal’s weight and size. For tumor treatment, tinctures and capsules are considered to be most effective, although topicals can also be rubbed on the skin for pain relief.

Wrap up

Cannabidiol might be your only hope to save your pet’s life.

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