The Biggest Changes in Modern Casino Technology

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We all know that casinos use bio metrics, facial recognition, and even pattern-recognition AI to check up on people, to catch cheaters, and to catch people who are winning too much. There are some pretty awesome security features that modern casinos have, most of them lifted from the first Mission Impossible movie. But what has changed recently? What are the biggest changes in modern casino technology that are getting people talking?

Virtual Reality Gaming

After the 2020 pandemic and lock down, some of the best online casinos started to find new ways to get people into their place without them actually being there. Modern VR casinos are nothing more than online gambling platforms with a few live dealers here and there, but there is a genuine push to allow people to remote access casino games. The dream, as it were, is to have humans playing side-by-side with virtual player, hopefully having the virtual players represented as holograms.

Smartphone Concierge Apps

It is hardly surprising that modern casinos have their own apps, but it is fun to see what they are doing with the new technology. There are apps that do everything, from showing what is on tonight’s menu, to allowing people to buy tickets and/or avoid waiting times and check-ins when they get there. Some describe the games, like the ones at, and others show off which devices have the highest jackpots still left to win. Some apps will show you around the place, while others will allow you to book local hotels, spas, gyms and make dinner reservations.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

You may already be aware that the casino is watching how much you win. They have several ways to figure out how much you have, which includes putting identifiers into your chips that help show who has what and where they are. There are the obvious security benefits to this, such as if chips suddenly disappear into walls or into toilet stalls, and/or suddenly if somebody seems to have a lot of chips that came from nowhere.

Activate and Deactivate Chips

Perhaps one of the most exciting innovations is the ability to activate and deactivate chips. For example, if somebody steals your chips and you report it, there is a chance they can deactivate the stolen chips so that they are worthless when they are returned to be cashed out. This technology helps to stop people creating their own counterfeit chips and means that thieves can steal as many un-activated chips as they like and it won’t matter.

Gambling With Cryptocurrency

Now that PayPal is offering cryptocurrency, and governments around the world are trying to regulate it, the time has come for casinos to catch up with the trend. More and more are willing to accept some of the more popular cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. This may be handy if they get a lot of tourists who don’t want to waste money on currency conversion fees. There is also talk of casinos setting up their own cryptocurrency so that they may move large amounts of money across the country (and/or world) without requiring added security, without having to pay large transfer fees and so forth.

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