The History of the Most Popular Marital Aid

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A recent discovery of a 28,000-year-old prehistoric phallus discovered in Germany claims to be the first ever sex toy discovered. Yet, it is difficult to imagine that humans have ever been occasioned to a time in history when an object, natural, or mineral, had been employed for sexual gratification.   

Phallic objects carved from wood, stone, and leather have been unearthed during excavations for hundreds of years. Like, food, shelter, water, companionship and intimacy have been crucial to the survival of our species.  

Dildo, the word, was first coined around 1400AD and stems from the Latin “dilatare” or “widen” and the Italian word “dileto” which translates as “delight.’ Since then, the term has become part of everyday linguistic exchange in all languages.  

But it hasn’t always been latex and motorized vibration, Ancients from the Middle Eastern regions enjoyed the unripe bananas as their favoured forbidden fruit sexual aids. Dildos before this were carved from stone, wood, or leather. Renaissance Italians used olive oil to lubricate their leather-fabricated penises while the upper crust of Roman society fashioned sex toys from gold, silver, and ivory, and even displayed them as items of status on their vetrina.

Legend has It that Greek merchants in the city of Miletus boldly peddled objects known as “olisbos” designed to relieve wives lacking the penetration their distant husbands were unable to administer as they were instead brandishing swords and spears in far-flung battles.  

However, these ancient sex toys weren’t only used for sexual gratification. Female orgasms were viewed by pagan civilizations as a sacrifice to the fertility gods, and some phallic-shaped sculptures were erected in gardens to promote agricultural growth. In the Far East fertility shrines exist to this day. Women who wish to improve their chances of pregnancy frequent these shrines and gift offerings to large human-sized phallus statues.   

The first vibrator, The Tremoussoir, was constructed in the 18th century by French doctors in order to relieve hysteria. Hysteria was perhaps, not surprisingly. Suffered predominantly from nuns, widows, and spinsters. By the late 19th Century it was estimated that three quarters of American women were at risk from the curious condition.

Nowadays dildos are referred to as marital aids rather than sexual aids, and the market is awash with models in various shapes and sizes with a wide range of functions. There is far less stigma, and less superstitious surrounding these popular items.

The global sex toys industry market size approached USD21674.15 million in the year 2021 and is expected to grow at a rate of 5.76% over the next year. So, the future looks very bright for the adult toy entertainment market as the designs become more interactive, versatile, colourful, and customized. With remote control possibilities and moulding capabilities long term relationships can be sustained on what most be the nearest method to actually being together in a loving embrace.   

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