The Importance of Using a VPN in Indonesia

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According to a recent study by the Global Web Index, the use of a VPN in Indonesia is remarkable. In fact, the highest number of VPN users are based in Indonesia. So, why is the use of a VPN in Indonesia so high? Well, this article is going to dig deep into the topic and give you compelling reasons why you should a VPN in Indonesia.

The Stats

Indonesia has nearly 250 million people—which makes it the fourth most populous nation globally. According to the stats, almost 41 percent of people living or visiting Indonesia relay on a VPN to watch America and other global entertainment channels. This is because the Indonesian government has imposed a lot of restrictions. Thus, the only way to beat these government restrictions is by using a VPN.

Why Buy a VPN?

The following are reasons why most Indonesians are turning to VPN to access a wide range of content from around the globe.

Content Censorship

Censorship in Indonesia incorporates a regulation on “negative content”. So, officials can block websites whenever they find it necessary. For instance, they can block pornographic and any other illegal content. Besides four panels were also created to serve as “consultation councils” on the various banned topics, including child pornography, illegal investments, hate speech, fake drugs, and fraud. Many citizens in the country expressed their concerns over this regulation, terming it as censorious and a threat to their freedom of expression.

Blocked Sites

The Indonesian government has a long history of blocking websites with questionable content. In 2014, for instance, they blocked Vimeo, a renowned video sharing site, due to its hosts “unfit” pornographic content. Besides, Netflix was also blocked in the year 2016 by the Indonesian ISP due to concerns over inappropriate content plus a business permit. It was claimed that Netflix failed to observe permit rules and also displayed violence as well as adult content.

There’s also the Information and Electronic Transactions Act, which places restrictions on content. The limitations are primarily targeted to the public interest and are intended to maintain public order. However, the rules are pretty loose, leaving the filtering to be somehow arbitrary and not clearly defined. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are required to implement various blocks listed in a database, though they can utilize other software to do so.


In Indonesia, all mobile phone users are supposed to register their numbers with the government. In addition, telecommunication companies are also required to comply with data requests from law enforcement units, and regulations have been formulated for compelling them to build local data centers. There are several laws that allow the government as well as law enforcement sectors to conduct surveillance.

The Bottom-Line

Are you living in Indonesia? Well, then it’s difficult to access the best entertainment content from channels like Netflix. This is because of government restrictions. However, you don’t have to cow down anymore. You can use a VPN to beat government censorship. Click on this link for more information. The above information will help you watch all types of content from Netflix using a VPN.

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