The Pros and Cons of Technology in Education

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Many people do not see anything surprising in today’s educational opportunities. Everyone is used to computers, the Internet, online data services, and machine learning. But how has technological innovation affected the modern world? What aspects have made the world a better place or made some educational processes more difficult? Here are the facts that any young student should know.

The Main Pros

Quick Access to Information

Imagine that you need to find some article or information about a scientist. Thanks to databases in your college or Internet archives, you can easily find all the important knowledge. Moreover, many web archives contain detailed analytics and descriptions of the significance of many studies. Technically, it will take you longer than a second to click on a Google link. As you can see, the possibilities of modern young people are practically unlimited.

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Interactive Educational Opportunities

Another plus is that technology allows you to interact and participate in numerous educational activities. For example, you can connect to a Zoom conference and discuss with professors from Vienna, London, New York, or Lisbon. And you don’t even need to attend classes now, as some educational institutions allow students to study remotely. Surely you will be happy to connect to web lectures and seminars without leaving your home. Make cocoa, buy cookies and enjoy the new world without regional restrictions!

Web Tutoring

Modern young people do not even realize how difficult it was for their parents or grandparents to find good tutors. Even in the early 90s, the Internet was not yet so widespread worldwide. Fortunately, modern first-year students can find tutors with one click. In addition, dozens of applications like Viber or Skype allow people to connect to private channels. Imagine being able to hire an expert on the history of ancient Rome and learn all about Julius Caesar from the comfort of your home. Now you can get help and tips online even if you are going to climb Everest.

The Main Cons

Slow Internet Connection

The main bottleneck of any web technology is a slow Internet connection. Usually, people need a smartphone, tablet, or laptop to find data online or contact a professor. But what if an unstable web connection prevents you from opening your browser? In this case, modern technology’s advantages will become nothing more than a mirage in the desert for you. That is why you should think about ways to connect to the global web if you find yourself in a region without a stable web connection. Luckily, you can download files, articles, and videos for offline access. All you need is a gadget with a screen and free time to explore new topics.

The High Cost of Gadgets and Subscriptions

On the one hand, the number of gadgets and web services for students is an undeniable advantage. A new tablet or laptop with an OLED screen will allow you to write your papers longer without damaging your eyes. Many educational web services contain good paper samples, video tutorials, and tips. But what is the cost of access to innovative technologies? Are you willing to pay hundreds of dollars a month to take advantage of all the current technological innovations?

Not all people are ready for financial spending, especially if their monthly budget is limited. Fortunately, the worldwide spread of web technologies and the reduction in the cost of manufacturing gadgets have made access to many technologies easier. In addition, you can find a friend and divide the cost of subscriptions into several parts.

Lack of Personal Communication

One of the most obvious negative aspects of total digitalization is losing connection with the real world. People forget the importance of personal interaction and exchanging opinions without gadgets and web services. Many educational ideas and questions only arise in classrooms, campuses, or lecture halls. In addition, you will surely notice the difference between a web lecture and visiting an audience with like-minded people. However, such a disadvantage can be an advantage for introverts and those who cannot take advantage of the classic educational options.

Final Words

As you can see, the world has changed a lot in recent decades. Technology has become a part of our lives, and millions of students worldwide are unlikely to want to return to the old conditions. New online services, gadgets, and technologies have become popular despite many shortcomings. Young people must accept the game’s new rules and become part of the innovation process because this is the only way for personal and career growth. Fortunately, the world does not stand still, and many pitfalls can be avoided.

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