The Water Soluble CBD Alternative

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Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a key compound with non-psychoactive properties obtained from cannabis flowers. It has become mainstream with regards to health and wellbeing, due to increasing proof of its medicinal benefits. Progressively, it has continued to make inroads into packaged consumer goods like beverages and foods as well as wellness and health products. It is a market that grew in 2019 to $23.7 billion from $5 billion just a few years before. Despite all these, CBD has some major challenges which includes poor bioavailability; that is, the rate of its absorption within the bloodstream.

Is Your Oil Water Soluble?

CBD takes an oily form when extracted from its host plant. Just like any other oil, it comes hydrophobic. This is to say that it won’t be dissoluble in water. Due to this, it resists being absorbed into the blood. You have a situation where up to 96% gets flushed out of the body without opportunity to yield any effect. These days, lots of CBD products are regularly created from nanaemulsion. It is a process which involves the pulverization of cannabinoids to nano sizes. These pulverized substances are then combined with a carrier oil and an emulsifier, in the bid to produce a variant that is soluble in water. You can read this articles for more on nanoemulsion.

The truth though is that this process may have yielded a misnomer as water-compactible may be the better term. Nanoemulsified CBD is still not soluble in water. Furthermore, there may be some associated risks with this, which include:

  • Cytotoxicity, DNA damage risk and the collapse of the immune system.
  • Other health concerns resulting from the accumulation of nanoparticles in organs.
  • It could result to other unforeseen experiences.

True Solubility

Thankfully, there are other processes that can lead to a more soluble product. In one example, sugar molecules are fastened to cannabinoids particles, a process naturally occurring within the body during the metabolism of different kinds of foods. This process of fastening sugar molecules to cannabinoids particles offers an advantage because it yields the following:

  • A perfect clear solution
  • Greater bioavailability
  • An almost infinite shelf stability
  • Better taste
  • A quicker onset time
  • An odor free product
  • Chances of having organic certification
  • No surfactants, emulsifiers or nanotechnologies

This process yields you natural and pure water soluble cannabinoids that are guaranteed for safe commercial use.

Water Solubility Is a Game Changer

CBD, as a very useful ingredient which equally enhances the mood, is blurring that line between food and pharma. You can find out more here: Foods such as chocolate and baked goods lead the way in foods that now offer CBD-infused options. Some of the health benefits this offers are listed below.

They are:

  • Omega 3 rich
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Plant-based
  • Anxiety and stress relieving
  • Keto-friendly

CBD-infused food products are expected to play significant roles in the projected 2022 $440 billion growth of the global food market, from its present $250 billion. In the same vein, the beverages market, with CBD-infused options constituting a major sub-segment, is globally estimated to be worth about $278 billion. Taste is the greatest consideration in the beverages sector and ordinarily, this is a disadvantage for CBD-infused products. However, the water-soluble variety eradicates this challenge that many products already in the market have.

As had been noted earlier, wellness and health is the chief and increasing reason why more people are patronizing cannabis products. Presently, ice cream with CBD base is already in the market, being introduced by Unilever. You should therefore expect a flooding of the market with other similar food products as other major companies join in this lucrative market.

The cannabis herb has a much brighter future with the coming of this technology that has made true water soluble options available. It is expected that this will lead to the growth of CBD products within the CPG sector, a situation that is expected to truly unlock the great potential of the plant, Cannabis.

You may want to visit this website to take a look.

In Conclusion

CBD soluble in water will make an ever increasing significant impact in the legal CBD marketplace. If other methods of ingesting CBD have shown great promise, expect the water-soluble variant to do more. The mere possibility of having it in your beverages and other daily food items, make it of great promise. With this also comes a higher fast-acting rate and more milligrams of cannabinoids in every scoop of your beverage.

Lastly, it means more value for your money. However, if you must get more value for your money you should know that getting the right water-soluble variety is so much dependent on where you are buying from. There are so many people out there making much claims. You have seen that the technology used in making water-soluble options is what actually tells to what extent what you are buying is soluble, or if it is merely nanoparticles that are water-compactible. Make your proper enquiries and go for the best.

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  • CBD is seemingly everywhere with enthusiastic claims for pain relief and fostering good health. But frankly, I am still quite skeptical that this is more hype than reality. I want to see real double-blind clinical trials with specific clinical biomarker improvements before I would want to take this myself.

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