Top 6 Small Business Ideas That You Can Run from Home

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Before the covid 19 pandemic, it was almost impossible to believe that you can actually work from home and make good money at it. Many companies had to adapt to the new norm, and for some, it worked out perfectly; some have even fully embraced the idea. Another great impact of this pandemic was the numerous loss of jobs. Quick thinkers who did not want to waste time crying over spilled milk decided to become entrepreneurs and start their own home-run ventures. In this blog, we are going to have a look at some of the businesses that you can operate from the confines of your home.



Most people experience a hard time trying to source items from abroad due to the many challenges that might come up. First-time vendors who want to acquire goods from other countries to sell fear being duped or being sold counterfeit goods. A drop shipper helps a client through the entire sourcing and delivery of goods to their doorstep.

Before you start on this business venture, you have to conduct thorough market research on various suppliers and manufacturers, such as perfume box manufacturers, to ascertain that they are genuine before engaging in any form of business with them. Clients trust their drop shipping agent to ensure that they get value for their money; hence you have to deliver the best services.

YouTube Vlogging


To become a vlogger, you need to be in possession of a good digital camera and a laptop or smartphone for you to be able to film and edit your videos. There are certain topics that attract more subscribers as compared to others. Such topics include health and wellness, makeup and beauty, and other travel topics.

You also have to ensure that your videos are clear and your audio is audible to attract the attention of your viewers. Most of the time, you will get feedback on the quality of your vlogs from your viewers and this will help you improve as time goes by. This has become one of the top income earners for stay-at-home moms who want to share their day-to-day activities with their kids.



If you are a dog lover with some spare time in your hands, why not? All you need to do is put up posters along the street to make people aware of your services, and within no time, you will get your first call. Dog owners are very particular about their pet’s routines and expect you to adhere to them. You can also open a pet daycare service in your home where people can drop their pets in the morning as they head to the office. If you are good at your job, you will get referrals and get more clients.

Fast Food Business


If you notice that you are always getting compliments on how finger-licking good your food is, then that is probably your cue to earn some extra coins from your cooking skills. Starting a fast food business at home is not a difficult process since you are already in possession of some of the major equipment needed for the business.

The only items you will need to buy are packaging material and add more storage if you feel the need to. Before you start this venture, start by marketing yourself and making people aware of what you have. Create a strong brand image for your business and make sure that your delivery services are efficient and on time.

Art and Crafts Business


This will mostly work if you are an excellent artist who can come up with various creative designs. You can come up with t-shirt designs and sell them online and earn some good money. As your business grows, you can stock up pieces of art and paintings and sell them on famous online sites such as Etsy. This business will help you nurture your artistry, and maybe one day you might become a world-renowned artist, and your art will sell itself.

Online Tutoring


You might think you know less, but you can be sure that someone else can greatly benefit from the knowledge you possess. Most people believe that you have to be a genius to tutor, but that is not the case at all. You can share your skills and expertise with interested parties at a cost. With tutoring, you get to improve your knowledge and sharpen your skills. The schedule is flexible, and you can arrange it to accommodate other schedules that you might have planned.

Candy business

If you have a thing for sweets then this could be a great idea for you. Starting your own candy business is a legit business idea and this way you can earn a significant amount of money.

But first things first, laying the foundation for a flourishing candy business isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. It will take a lot of work, research, and learning. But once you get there, your entrepreneurial journey can start.


There are so many other businesses that you can run from home which have not been mentioned in this blog. It is no longer a necessity to acquire business premises at insane costs to be able to set up a business. The money that you could have spent on paying for a space can be used to procure other essential items to ensure that your business runs smoothly. If you want to learn how to start a business or get an idea about a business, you can plan to attend trade show displays in Las Vegas to get more information.

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