Top Hacks for Fall Beauty in a Flash

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Top hacks for fall beauty in a flash

Fall is on its way, and as the leaves turn to gold, and you unpack the winter blankets, it’s time to reconsider your beauty regime. You might think at this time of year it’s easier to let things slip a little; but laziness is no excuse for lacklustre hair and unkept talons, especially with these simple tips to help keep your beauty in bloom, whatever the season.

The eyes have it

Keep your tear ducts twinkly by removing all makeup at bedtime; otherwise your eyes are much more likely to look as bleary and sleep-deprived as they feel. If you collapse onto the mattress without hope of resurrection on an evening, keep everything you need to hand. Stock the bedside drawer with  a beauty first aid kit; makeup removing face wipes and a generous slather of anti-wrinkle eye cream will help you rise with the birds like you’ve slept a hundred years, bright eyed, if a little bushy-haired.

Skip the shampoo

Frizzy,  dry hair often comes from over-washing. Though it might be tempting to scrub your scalp every time you’re in the shower, it strips your tresses of the essential oils they need to look lustrous and healthy. Instead, embrace the power of the can, and dry shampoo your hair every second day to keep locks from looking limp.

Consider a treatment trade-off

It might be pricey, but beauty treatments can save you valuable time in the long run. Trade a wax for six weeks’ worth of daily shaving; have your eyelashes curled and extended to save all those minutes wielding a mascara wand, and have a gel pedicure for a polished finish that will look good for at least a month.

When you spend all your time caring for others, it’s so important to look after yourself. Investing a little in your routine this fall can pay beauty dividends, and help you keep glowing.

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  1. great tip about eyelashes. Going to check salons in my area now

  2. Never heard of getting eyeleashed lengthened and curled,, but I want it. Going to check salons in my area. Thaks for the tip

  3. Thanks for some tips to think about! I like the not washing the hair tip, it’s true, my hair was so dry and frizzy, it really helps!

  4. April Farley says

    Lady you said a mouth full when you mentioned that we spend our time caring for others and need to do a little for our self from time to time. As a middle age woman with children grown and now a grand baby here full time. I am often pulled in many directions and then when I look in the mirror I am all like Woah ya look like you are hitting the 80 year mark! Uggg! Love the idea of a gel pedi! I seldom have time to paint my toes and when I do I get frustrated that after 2 days they look worn. Awesome tips lady ! woot woot!

  5. These are some great tips. #ThrowbackThursdayLP

  6. Sally A. Peckham says

    Thanks for these wonderful beauty tips! 🙂

  7. Sally A. Peckham says

    Thank you for these wonderful beauty tips! 🙂

  8. Great tips. How true is that, that their are ways to save so much time. I know it can be expensive to go to the spa/salon but not bad when you think of all the time you can save.

  9. Thanks for the tips. As I get older, I am requiring more “maintenance”!

  10. Karen Beckett says

    Thanks for the great tips!


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