Viteyes Blue Light Defender Protects Eyes from Overuse of Digital Screens

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With a majority of schools closing for the unforeseen school year, students are now homeschooling and meeting with their teachers and fellow students online. They are also spending more time playing on their digital devices as their outdoor activities are limited. Even adults are getting in more, record-breaking screen time. As we spend hours looking at screens, the eye muscles that focus on near objects get tired. 

High-energy blue light also reduces contrast, therefore, causing our eyes to constantly adjust focus and the eye muscles to get more overworked. This can cause short-term effects of digital eye strain, including headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes, eye strain and eye fatigue, and long term effects on overall eye health.

Many people are unaware of solutions available to protect their eyes from blue light and digital eye strain. Introducing Viteyes Blue Light Defender: made specifically to protect the eyes against the overuse of digital screens as well as the sun.

Aboute Viteyes

Founded in 2002, Viteyes’ broad spectrum of products help support your eyes. With superior standards, we stand for something better. We offer a unique mix of products to help you maintain your eye health. Our vision is built on four core values: Education, Quality Products, Customer Service & Advocacy. 

Viteyes Blue Light Defender is formulated with Lutein (20 mg) and Zeaxanthin (4 mg), which are the only natural defenses our eyes have against the harmful effects of blue light.

This premium formula also includes bilberry for added eye health benefits and Astaxanthin to help relieve tired and strained eyes.  Viteyes Blue Light Defender is available as a gummy as well in capsule form and can be used by those 12+ to adults. 

Now is a great time to invest in Viteyes and save your eye health and avoid the strain of harsh blue light affects. Stay connected socially with Viteyes to see what other great products has to offer.

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  1. Rena Walter says

    This sounds like it would be helpful.

  2. Edna Williams says

    With this, more screen time doesn’t have to mean eye strain! Thanks for sharing!

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