Vocalpoint Pop-Up Shop – Save BIG on Slipz by Isotoner Before They Hit the Market AND Free Shipping on Orders

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My household can be so stressful from mid-November to the end of the year. I am moving and shaking all the month of December both in and outside the house. That is why I need as much time to shop and save as I can get. Let me tell you about a community that I have been a part of for more than 10 years – Vocalpoint. Vocalpoint is a community of women across the nation that love to try new products and are influencers with their friends and family.As an extension of this great community comes the Vocalpoint Pop-Up Shop.  This community provides members exclusive offers on products that are not available anywhere else and I am pleased to share the latest Pop-Up with you this holiday season.
The latest pop-up that is going on right now with a product that will not hit the market until March, 2018 – Slipz™ by Isotoner.

Here is how it works:

Simply register here and join the Vocalpoint Pop-Up Shop & purchase Slipz™ by Isotoner. During the pop-up shop, you will get the change to purchase these exclusive products for just $30 AND Free shipping (Use code Slipz30itsfree at checkout)! Remember when you purchase, be sure to put “It’s Free At Last” as your referral.

Once you register, you can begin the fun of shopping for this never-before seen product for everyone you know. Slipz by Isotoner has several styles and range in sizes 7-10. They will be a truly delightful surprise to everyone who wears them.Slipz™ by Isotoner are a brand-new slipper/shoe that is not yet available in stores and is ONLY AVAILABLE at the Vocalpoint Pop Up Shop! I got my first pair of Slipz to experience how they feel and let me tell you, it is like walking on air! I selected the Mesh Lauren Black Marbled Slipz. They are 20% lighter than any other shoe sole. They are wearproof and lifeproof. The sole is compression resistant and the sides and top are anti-microbial, machine washable and built with 360 degree memory foam. It shapes to you. It shapes to your feet and wherever you take them along your journey. With so many styles and colors to chose from, you can get several pair for yourself to match all of your outfits. You won’t want to miss out on this very limited window of opportunity to save and get these slippers/shoes months before they hit the market. Remember you must register to take advantage of the pop-up shop today and also use code Slipz30itsfree at checkout to get your sale price and free shipping! Remember when you purchase, be sure to put “It’s Free At Last” as your referral.

Be sure to stay connected with Vocalpoint to find out when the next Pop-Up shop is available and other fun information.

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44 thoughts on “Vocalpoint Pop-Up Shop – Save BIG on Slipz by Isotoner Before They Hit the Market AND Free Shipping on Orders

  • Wow, those slippers look so comfortable! I haven’t ever heard of VocalPoint. Seems like a great and helpful concept!

  • Ive never seen those shoes before but they look awesome!

  • I love Isotoner gloves and these slippers look so comfortable. I will definitely have to check this out.

  • This is a great gift idea for my mom. She LOVES soft soles on her feet and she can use a new pair of shoes!

  • I love that these are machine washable, too! They look comfortable!

  • This slippers look very comfy. I will definitely be checking Vocalpoint out. Sounds like a great offer.

  • I love the color choices of these shoes! Not just solids but multi-colored. I like the navy blue with other colors too. They’d go with anything!

  • They look very comfortable.

  • I used to be a member of Vocalpoint before

  • I can’t wait to see what other pop shops Vocal Point has in 2018!

  • I will definitely be checking this pop up shop out. This is the first I have heard of Vocalpoint.

  • That is a great price. I really like the Cross Elastic Lauren.

  • pretty cool idea.. and i love isotoners so these look super comfy! 🙂

  • I never heard of Vocalpoint Pop Up Shop so I will definitely be checking this out.

  • I would love to have a pair of these slippers!

  • These look very comfortable, love isotoner’s!

  • I have not heard of Vocalpoint Pop-Up Shop before. Sounds like a good idea

  • Those look comfy!

  • Thank you for the information. This sounds like a great way to try new products.

  • This looks like an interesting way to try new products.

  • i love the shoe i do not wear shoe in house just slip on and i am on vovol point and never done the other than surveys

  • I love Isotoner products so I will definitely be checking these slippers out. They look so comfortable.

  • hard to say no to exclusive deals

  • I’ve been a member of al point for about 7 of their first members..
    It’s changed a lot..I use to get a lot of free products, but nothing in several years now.
    These pop up shop boutiques are interesting

  • I’ve heard of Isotoners before. If I remember right they’re pretty nice.

  • I hadn’t heard of the Vocalpoint Pop-Up Shop. Those slippers look really comfy!

  • The slippers look very nice.

  • i love these slippers ty 🙂

  • I used vocalpoint a lot many years ago then I got away from it. Just looking at these slippers makes me rethink

  • Slipz™ by Isotone would be perfect for me! I love the style and would love to try them.

  • I haven’t joined yet, but found it interesting. I will take another look at this after the first of the year when life slows down.

  • They look rather nice and something I think all my daughters may like.

  • I like comfy shoes. These would be good for my feet.

  • These are such a nice selection of slippers. Heard of pop up shops in NYC, but haven’t had the chance to go to an of them yet.

  • Those look comfy and convenient! A classic!

  • these slipper really look comfortable and when I relax that is what I need and want

  • I like the Mesh Lauren Navy Blue. They look very comfortable!

  • Wow, these sound and look incredibly comfortable! I would definitely love to try them. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing!

  • These slippers look very comfy. I would love to try these on.

  • Interestomg, I think. lol

  • I’m a part of the VocalPoint pop up shops. These slippers look very comfortable but unfortunately, I need a shoe/slipper with a good support.

  • Sounds like a great deal! Thanks for sharing

  • These are really cute slippers and look so comfy too. I would probably live in them!

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