Wahl Pet Products #FAMChristmas

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Wahl Pet Products #FAMChristmas
Caring for your pets shouldn’t take a lot of time or be expensive. After all, they are members of your family, right? We trust our pets grooming and other care needs to Wahl Pet Products. 

Proper grooming is the key to a healthier, happier dog. Both you and your dog can start enjoying the many benefits of grooming at home. Here are some advantages and great dog grooming tips:

  • It’s affordable and practical
  • Save money and time by dealing with your dog’s needs on your schedule. Avoid costly and anxiety-producing trips to the vet by learning how to take care of small problems at home.
  • It builds trust
  • Develop a consistent bond with your dog. You’ll spend more time together and he’ll learn to trust you to care for him.
  • It helps you stay in touch with your dog’s health
  • Most importantly, home grooming is the best way to stay aware of any changes to your dog’s health. Caring for your dog’s coat, nails, teeth, ears and eyes allows you to keep track of new health concerns and check for abnormalities in your dog’s appearance and attitude.
  • When done regularly and correctly, home grooming develops a bond with your dog that strengthens in time, making it a special activity to share. With some simple tips and expert advice, you can make sure your dog stays healthy and happy.

Wahl Pet Products #FAMChristmas

I thought I would share a few of my favorite products with you, just in time to treat your pet (and help your family) for the holidays! They need to look and feel their best too, right?

  1. 2-in-1 Comb: You get 2 combs for 1 with the Wahl 2-in-1 Flea Comb and Medium Finishing Comb. The flea comb is designed to detect fleas and their eggs. While the Medium Finishing comb detangles light mats and smooths coat.
  2. Refresh Wipes: Large all natural cleaning wipes for a quick and easy way to clean your dog. A fresh Lavender and Chamomile scent.
  3. No Rinse Waterless Shampoo: The Wahl No-Rinse Waterless Shampoo lets you shampoo between baths. Formulated with all natural plant derived ingredients. Oatmeal extract efficiently soothes damaged skin. Coconut Lime Verbena fragrance is designed to give your pet a clean, fresh smell without bathing.

The comb set is great because I can use it for flea “finding” to make sure the dog is clear of fleas and their eggs before there’s a problem. We use it of course with a flea & tick control medicine. Plus, the finishing comb helps keep his fur tangle free and manageable. The wipes are perfect in between bath time because it fights the “wet dog” smell when he is outside in the rain and it works well on dirty paws as well. And the waterless shampoo is nice between grooming appointments or at home baths because it can help combat odor and help heal itches or scratches on his skin.

Not only does Wahl Pet Products make these great products for at home grooming, they also offer expert advice, tips and techniques on their website. You can even choose what kind of dog you have (or at least it’s characteristics) and they will tell you what products you’ll need and how to care for issues, like teeth, eyes and his nails.

I like being able to get all of my information in one place, as well as my grooming supplies. Check out these and other Wahl Pet Products on their website, plus follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for all the latest news!

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  1. I never even thought there was a “dry shampoo” out there for pets! Sooo useful.

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