What Is Your Birthstone’s Meaning?

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Citrine Ring

Citrine Ring From Milano


Birthstone jewelry is a popular gift, but many people do not realize that these stones have long been believed to have many mystical properties. If you have been wondering about the meaning behind your birthstone, read on for a quick rundown.

  1. January – Garnet 

Most commonly seen in a reddish-brown hue, garnets are thought to keep nightmares at bay and provide guidance through difficulties.

  1. February – Amethyst 

Bearing colors ranging from rich purple to deep violet, amethysts have historically been associated with royalty and were at one time more valued than diamonds. Because of this, many pieces of royal jewelry include this stone. These stones were used to guard against intoxication, bring peacefulness, offer protection, and strengthen love.

  1. March – Aquamarine

Aquamarines are, as the name suggests, associated with the sea. This is due to the cool, ocean-blue hues of the gem. Aquamarines are also believed to have healing properties, and it was believed that the stone was most effective when used in water.

  1. April – Diamond 

These gems have long been tied to strength and purity. Historically, they were used to ornament religious icons, but today diamonds are known as a symbol of love and unity.

  1. May – Emerald

Vibrantly green in color, emeralds are the perfect symbol for health, healing, fertility, and spiritual rebirth. The gem is also believed to offer glimpses into the future and to provide wisdom.

6. June – Pearl

Pearls—also known as moonstones—are most commonly associated with passion and purity.

  1. July – Ruby 

Fiery red in color, it was once thought that rubies could cause water to boil instantly. This stone is believed to bear protective and harmonizing properties.

  1. August – Peridot

Peridots, also known as the gem of the sun, are thought to ward off evil that comes at night. Usually lime green in color, these gems are strongly associated with nature.

  1. September – Sapphire 

Sapphires symbolize purity and faith, and as such they are commonly included in engagement rings, including the Duchess of Cambridge’s beautiful ring.

  1. October – Opal 

A stone used for happiness and healing, opals are shimmery in nature and will show different colors depending on the angle at which they are viewed.

  1. November – Citrine 

Vibrant and yellow in color, this stone is believed to offer digestive assistance and toxin removal. Historically it has been used as an amulet to protect against snake venom and to ward off evil thoughts.

  1. December – Blue Topaz

Blue topaz stones—which can also come in yellow or pink—are thought to help with focus and concentration.


There is much more to birthstones than most people think. The next time you put on a piece of jewelry bearing your birthstone, think of its deep history and the spiritual properties associated with it.

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