Who Is Most Likely To Be NFL’s MVP 2021/22?

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The NFL MVP is one of the most desired awards that every athlete in the league is dreaming about. The NFL MVP is an award given by various entities to the most valuable player in the National Football League during the regular season.

The odds for winning the NFL MVP change during the season due to athletes’ individual performance. As we enter the last week of the NFL’s regular season, there has been a massive shift in the odds for winning the MVP award for 2021/22.Of course, this doesn’t mean that the athlete with the best odds will definitely win the MVP award. In fact, there is a panel of 50 sportswriters who decide which player will receive this highly desired award. All sportswriters regularly follow the NFL and publicly announce the winner a day before the Super Bowl.

Until then, we can only assume which player deserves to be crowned NFL’s MVP of 2021/22. Here are the top contenders for this year’s MVP award.

Aaron Rodgers (-400)

It seems like Aaron Rodgers is the player with the highest chance of winning the NFL MVP this year, at least according to bookmakers. Even though the controversy with his anti-vaxxer profile, he is still delivering on the field.

This will be the fourth time Aaron Rodgers getting the MVP title in the league after winning it in 2011, 2014, and 2020.

Aaron Rodgers had a bumpy season with a bad opening game in Week 1 where most people gave up on the hope that he will win the MVP title back-to-back. He also missed Week 9 which forced him to work even harder if he wants to become the most valuable player in the league.

As of now, he is the leading candidate for getting this award, and if this happens, nobody can argue with the decision since he had exceptional performance during the regular season.

Tom Brady (+500)

Tom Brady is one of the best players in the NFL and despite being in his late-career days, he doesn’t show signs of slowing down. Tom Brady’s first Super Bowl appearance in 2002 is still fondly remembered and he doesn’t seem to stop.

He is coming off his seventh Super Bowl title, and his fifth Super Bowl MVP. However, throughout his 22 seasons in the NFL, it is crazy to think that Tom Brady only has won only three MVP awards.

According to bookmakers, as we enter the last week of the NFL’s regular season, he has dropped to second place most favorite player that will win the MVP. The decision is hard here since there isn’t much to separate the top two players in the league. He is without a doubt the most deserving candidate that is currently leading the NFL board in passing yardage.

Joe Burrow (+1000)

Joe Burrow is an exceptionally talented NFL player that still hasn’t received an MVP award. However, this might change in 2021/22 since he had an incredible season setting the all-time record for most passing yards against the same team in a season, totaling 941 against the Ravens.

The quarterback for Cincinnati Bengals had a mind-blowing performance in Week 16 with a 525-yard effort that put him on the MVP map as a real contender for winning this year’s award.

Jonathan Taylor (+1600)

After his incredible performance this season, he is definitely in the race for winning this year’s NFL MVP title. His highlights of the season are games like against the New England Patriots with 170 rushing yards, and a 67-yard touchdown to steal the victory.

He enters the last week of the NFL’s regular season as the leader in rushing yards (1,734) and touchdowns (18). Taylor had an amazing season that really helped the Indianapolis Colts. Amazingly, ha has five games with more than 143 rushing yards in this season alone. This is enough for him to ender the circle of best players in the league and participates in this year’s MVP race despite having to deal with very tough competition.

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