Why Choose Social Media for Your Business?

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Social platforms have reached into new regions, and they’ve become an even more significant part of day-to-day life. Yes there are differences in opinion, when it comes to social media as it both divides and unifies in varying measure, yet, let’s face the fact of the matter-which is social media isn’t going away – well, at least not anytime soon, in fact, it’s becoming more embedded into more societal elements, making it an essential connective tool.I mean its 2019, and you shouldn’t still be wondering about the significance of social media in your business.  Well, in case you still are, the listing below tells you all about it, including insights into the overall usage of social media, taking a look at platform-specific trends, popularity by demographic group, and the likes.

So like the heading suggests, should you be looking at getting a better understanding as to your ‘why’ social media for your business question. Then this article is for you. Don’t worry; you can thank us later; in any case, you are guaranteed to base your overall strategic planning on informed decisions.

Hold on, below are a few social media statistics you definitely need go know of, because all facts are based on proven stats:

1# The calculated power of social media marketing?

73% is a significant number, and that’s the number of markers who believe social media marketing has been between-very effective and somewhat useful for their business. They are pleased with its results.

2# Number of daily active users?

Social media, captivates more than 42% of our population, on a daily bases. That is about 3.2 billion users at a time, at your disposal.

3# Time spent on social media platforms daily?

On average, a person from the pool, as mentioned above, spends about 2:22 hours on a day glued to social networks and messaging.

4# The number of mobile social media users?

91% of social media user’s access the various social networks via their mobile, and that means almost 80% of the total time spent on social media sites takes place on mobile platforms.

5# Who is the market leader?

Facebook sits right at the top; they are claiming 68% of the total social network platforms.

6# Social media & different generations?

There are 90.4% millennials using social networks on a daily bases. 77.5% comes from the generation X and only 48.2% of the baby boomers who sign into a social media platform or two.

7# The Number of customers and consumer who are using social platforms?

People use social media for different reasons, yet 54% of them want to research products and services.

8# The impact of Positive customer experience?

That shouldn’t even be a question. Yet, nonetheless, stats state that 71% of the customers who have had a positive digital brand experience are to recommend to friend and family. Seemingly, word of mouth goes a long way.

9# Influencers and Brand Trust?

Well, believe it or not, 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations on social platforms for brand choice.

10# Instagram Stories and its rise?

Instagram sits among some of the most populated social networks out there. With 500 active daily stories doing the rounds worldwide.


The world is ever-changing, and therefore, businesses need to keep up the constant changes, and every so often, as we see, so do businesses. So equipment your business for competing in today’s business landscapes, but focused do so with the exact mechanism and use the correct tools. The catch is if you don’t do it someone else will, and as the numbers say, there are 3.2 billion users at a time and over 72% of markers which are meeting their consumers at the meeting place of the world and making it rain!

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