Wrap Dad Up In Soft Comfort with PeachSkinSheets this Father’s Day #DadDay2017

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When I come home in the afternoons, I am usually exhausted. I do the necessary home things and am usually longing to just relax in bed. I may read or watch a couple of favorite shows, but my bed is my haven. For most Dads, it is the same. They work hard and deserve to relax in comfort! Whether they just crash and sleep, or enjoy hanging out watching the tube, their bed should be a place of comfort and a good night’s rest. This Father’s Day, why not give your Dad the gift of luxurious comfort with PeachSkinSheets?

PeachSkinSheets June

About PeachSkinSheets

PeachSkinSheets affordable bed sheets are made from a breathable, high performance athletic grade SMART fabric that is great for hot sleepers due to its thermal control and moisture wicking properties. In addition, the ultra soft brushed finish provides a softness level that parallels 1500 thread count cotton but without the shrinkage, wrinkles and pilling. They thrive on being a quality company with a quality product and going the extra mile for their customers.

PeachSkinSheets are ultra-soft, breathable sheets.

Ultra-soft and breathable are two words that are truly amazing when it comes to sheets! Believe me! I take my rest and sleep very seriously! And, if you are a hot sleeper like me, PeachSkinSheets are wonderful! They have thermal control and moisture wicking properties! These comfy sheets are also wrinkle free and anti-pilling! Don’t you just hate those irritating pill balls that get on some sheet eek! No worries with PeachSkinSheets! They stay soft, comfortable, and pill free wash after wash!

Extra Deep Fitted Sheet!

PeachSkinSheets fitted sheets have an 18″ deep pocket that makes making the bed easy! No more standing on your head and doing more exercise than you bargained for to get it on the bed! The top sheet is also ample. It gives you plenty of material to conveniently tuck in all around the bed.

Pillow Cases have Envelope Closure

Another fabulous feature on the pillow cases is the envelope closure! It smoothly tucks your pillow in so that there is no ugly pillow sticking out when you make your bed. Maybe I am just particular, but to me – the made-up bed looks so much better when the pillow is tucked inside the pillow case


PeachSkinSheets comes in several colors.

These luxurious sheets come in color choices of: Classic White, Beach Blue, Chocolate, Mint Julep, Almond Ivory, Eggplant, Light Mocha, Graphite Gray, Sage Green, Harvest Gold, Deep Crimson Red, Mariner Blue, and Midnight Black.

Free Swatch Program!

They also offer a free swatch program! I love it!!!! You know I am a fan of try before you buy! So, if you are unsure on a color or trying to compare colors to your bedding set, you can request a free swatch! You can match it up and feel how soft the fabric is. Go ahead and order your free swatch today to experience the softness and quality!

PeachSkinSheets Colors of the Month Special!

We are all fans of a good deal, right? Well, each month, PeachSkinSheets has a special for 2 colors. They offer 2 of their colors sheet sets for just $55 – any size!  You can always check to see what two colors are featured for the month by checking the Colors of the Month section on the PeachSkinSheets website.


PeachSkinSheets features in a nutshell:

  • Wrinkle Free
  • Breathable
  • No Shrinkage
  • 1500 Thread Count Feel
  • Anti-Microbial
  • 18″ Deep Pockets
  • Ultra Soft
  • Wicks Away Moisture
  • Anti-Pilling

Once you try PeachSkinSheets, you will never go back to ordinary sheets! That is a promise! From luxuriously sweet dreams to how they go through wash after wash and come out like new, you will fall in love! Dad will love to be swaddled in the luxurious softness of PeachSkinSheets! Visit PeachSkinSheets today and pick out his favorite color and give Dad the gift of sweet dreams and comfort!

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88 thoughts on “Wrap Dad Up In Soft Comfort with PeachSkinSheets this Father’s Day #DadDay2017

  • I love the color choices they have. They also look so comfortable.

  • I would love to try these peach skin sheets for my husband.

  • My favorite thing as a special treat from r me is new sheets..love them…but, I don’t get often.lol
    I’ve tried the win these a number of times..to no avail.
    So, I’m excited to think I might get another chance!
    I ordered every color swatch
    Thanks so much!

  • These are some of the most amazing sheets. I love that they have the moisture wicking to keep you dry at night.

  • I received swatches of these and fell in love with them!

  • I love that the sheets do not shrink.

  • They truly sound like they would help me sleep, so soft and comfortable. I’d love to try them out myself!

  • I like the color choices. Again, wish they were sold at the store.

  • I adore Peachskins! My lucky mom has 2 sets, and she loves them. They are wrinkle-free, so you never need softerner or dryer sheets (mom is allergic to both those). No pilling, either. Just the best, I want a set for myself!

  • The Crimson Red sheets are so pretty and I want to get a set for me and my Dad! He would love these.

  • They really do have beautiful colors to go along with their magnificent specifications.

  • I like that the sheets are anti-microbial

  • I wish they sold these in the store. I don’t like to order online.

  • In addition to all the super softness and wrinkle free qualities of PeachSkins, I really appreciate how deep the pockets are. Makes it super easy to keep the sheets in place. I hate when when they pull out from under the mattress. No problem like that with Peachskins!

  • Such gorgeous sheets and I think the colors are amazing and great sheets to get someone for a gift. My Dad would love these!

  • I like that they have the Colors of the Month Special.

  • So many great colors to choose from

  • I know Daddy would have loved these sheets. If I could have him, I would gladly buy them for him. They deserve each other.

  • I would love to have a set of Peachskins for my own! My mother has two setsm in cotton Candy Pink and Beach Blue, and they are the best! The pillowcases are wonderful, so soft!

  • Bed sheets that are comfortable really do make a difference.If they’re well made, that’s a plus.

  • I love that they are 1500 Thread Count. That is really nice.

  • I hate I didn’t see this before Father’s Day. It’s a great gift idea

  • The graphite grey would be a nice color sheet for a man. I like that they have a couple options for more neutral colors.

  • Even if I do not win, I need to get my Dad and I these sheets for his birthday or Christmas. They are worth every penny!

  • I wonder what the 1500 thread count feels like. Must be amazing.

  • We are always looking for more comfort for sleep,these would rock

  • The swatches are soft. I’m wondering how the material holds up after several washings.

  • This would make a lovely gift. They have a color for everyone too!

  • These sound so awesome! I love the color selection 🙂

  • Such great sheets and pillowcases! All so soft. They never even ironing or facric softerner!

  • I love this picture of the bed with that headboard. So antique looking, and I like it.

  • These sheets sound like Heaven. I have Fibromyalgia and regular sheets hurt my sometimes. I bet PeachSkin sheets wouldn’t.

  • They have a great selection of colors available. I love, Love, LOVE the eggplant!

  • Wrap up dad, I’d wrap myself up in these sheets. He can fend for himself.

  • These are amazing sheets because they do not shrink and come off the bed because they fit perfectly. I want a set of these sheets in the Crimson red color!

  • These sheets sound and look so soft and comfy.

  • Good luck to all of us. But, it would be nice to win my first set of sheets. I always like to try before I buy.

  • I also love the deep pockets. I have a pillow-top mattress and need the extra deep sheets so that they will stay in place.

  • I would love to have a set of these sheets. I need some good sheets.

  • The ARE the best sheets! Akways soft, cook, and wrinklt free! No ironing or fabric softener needed, mom has 2 sets!

  • These sheets are amazing! I would love a set and so would my Dad!

  • The swatches are SOOOOO soft!

  • I need these sheets.

  • I love the wrinkle free and over-sized features. The wicking will no longer help me, but may my husband. Great regardless.

  • I would love to give a set to my hubby. He’s sensitive to how soft and comfortable things are. I think these would be just the ticket!

  • I love that the sheets are anti pilling. I hate it when sheets do that.

  • Totally awesome sheets in everyway. The pillowcases are best in the world! No wrinkling, no ironing, just soft, smooth, like heaven!

  • My Dad would love a set of these amazing sheets. They look so pretty and love that they stay on and do not come off the bed like a lot of sheets do.

  • I need a set of them, love the colors and they look so comfortable.

  • I want the sheets, but, am not fond of the ad. Animals should not be on furniture. Especially not the bed. They may want to rethink this.

  • They have such a wonderful variety of color choices that it would be difficult to decide on just one.

  • I love that these sheets are so soft and breathable! I am a hot sleeper so that is very important to me.

  • These sheets look so soft and I love the Deep Crimson Red Color and there are so many sheets to choose from. I would love a set of these amazing sheets!

  • These are SO nice! Soft-wrinkle-free…just plain comfy, the best you could get out of a sheet set. They don’t wrinkle, and you don’t even need dryer sheets or fabric softener. The pillowcases are awesome. Mom has 2 sets, I want a set for myself, too. : )

  • I hear great things about these sheets. They do look so comfy!

  • I would love to feel these and see how luxurious they are. Their construction sounds awesome.

  • I would love to try these.

  • I sure could use soft great quality sheets like these especially with wicking feature for night sweats, i.e. hot flashes! lol!

  • I ordered a sample swatch and they feel super soft and cozy. I would love to order or win some 😀

  • I’ve been looking for new, soft sheets. Happy to see they’re out of alpharetta, ga, not too far from med

  • They look so soft even through the pictures ,,,would like a set ,,,even better one in each color.

  • I have got some swatches of the peach skin sheet and they are very nice. I would love to have a set.

  • I have wanted to try these sheets from the first time I heard about them!

  • I can imagine how soft these sheets would feel since they’re 1500 thread count sheets. I love that they’re able to wick moisture and control temperature.

  • I sure would love to try Peach Skin sheets. They sound wonderfully soft and comfortable.

  • The sheets are so soft. I’d love a set. Mine aren’t the greatest.

  • So many colors to choose from! I love how they offer the free swatch. I ordered mine and was very impressed by the smooth, soft material. I think these would be excellent sheets for every bed in the house!

  • These sheets look so heavenly. Beautiful colors too.

  • I know these are awesome, I agree with everything in your review. My mom has 2 sets – Bleach Blue, and Cotton Candy Pink. She has very sensitive skin, and ordinary sheets (even with a high thread count) irritate her skin. But she has no problem with Peachskins. So soft, they never wrinkle or need ironing, you don’t even need fabric softener or dryer sheets!

  • Beautiful sheets.. Lovely colors and the thread count is awesome.. A quality set of sheets….

  • These sheets look incredible and there is no wrinkling and fading. I like s many colors and want a set of these sheets!

  • they look like excellent sheets: comfortable and breathable.

  • I have heard so many great things about these sheets; I am also an e-mail subscriber too. These would be awesome due to their breath-ability during the summer months here.

  • I like the extra deep fitted sheet as well as how luxurious these are. It would make it easier to make the bed if I didn’t have to pull and tug to get the sheet to fit.

  • These sheets sound so luxurious. Would love to try them.

  • My guy would love these sheets he’s always looking for comfort during sleep

  • I have been wanting to their their sheets for quite awhile now and am excited to enter this giveaway for the chance to own them. Would love to get the sage green.

  • I love that they are ultra soft.

  • I’m asthmatic and this would be a godsend for me. I love that the sheets are breathable, and whisks moisture away.

  • I would love a set of these!

  • These seem great! Love the wicks away moisture feature, would be great for my husband.

  • Love the feel of these sheets, would love to have some.

  • These sheets have a lot of wonderful colors and they are wrinkle free, no shrinkage and ultra soft. These are amazing sheets for Dad and anyone who wants to feel comfortable in bed!

  • I find myself kicking off my blanket and sheets every night. I think these breathable sheets are something I need.

  • I have a set of these and they are DIVINE 🙂

  • these look super comfy. I love the chocolate color

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