10 Tasty Homemade Dog Treats

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If you have a 4-legged fur baby, you know that we treat them just like our 2-legged babies.  One great way to show them how much you love them, is to make them homemade dog treats!  My blogger friend Diane from Miss Molly Says has some amazing recipes for your furry friend!

Here are 10 Tasty Treats that your pup will love!

Here are all the recipes!  Click on the links for complete recipes.


For even more dog treat recipes- go HERE!

Which one is your favorite?  Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Linda Szymoniak says

    Growing up, I thought all dog food and treats were the same. That all were healthy for my pup. I had a harsh wake-up call when I got involved in rescue and started bringing more dogs and cats into our family. I love making my own dog treats. That way I can use the ingredients I know my dogs like and avoid things that aren’t good for them. I’ll have to try some of these recipes. My pack thanks you in advance.

  2. Julie Mulzer says

    Yippy! I can have fun with my grandson by making some of these dog goodies and insure my pets aren’t eating garbage AND saving money! This is a true Happy Dance moment!

  3. Nice dog treats recipe I have to make it for my dog.

  4. Bryan Vice says

    My Mollie will be happy !!! will be attempting thanks for sharing

  5. Maryann D. says

    I love the shape of these treats. I would enjoy making them and giving them to a furry friend!

  6. monique s says

    I love this. I have always wanted to make my own so they are healthier

  7. vickie couturier says

    wow,would my dog love these,,i couldnt make them fast enough for him

  8. DENISE LOW says

    Thank you for sharing. I have to let my son check this out.

  9. Dog treats are expensive at the store. These will save money and be much more tasty and healthy!

  10. Amber Ludwig says

    These are so fun!! I have a lot of Furmama friends that would love these for their pups!!

  11. Debbie Welchert says

    I would love to make homemade treats for our furbabies. At least we would know what kind of ingredients are in them and I know our dogs would love them.

  12. We never even thought of making dog treats when I was growing up with 2 dogs.

  13. All of these home made dog treats look like so much fun. My children made dog treats at a library class when they were young.

  14. belinda bell says

    I love making treats for my dog. That way I know what is in them

  15. Jennifer Kloch-Davis says

    These are awesome! My 12 year old daughter loves making treats for our dogs!

  16. Wow who would’ve thought these would be so easy to make,good quality treats are expensive, awesome to make them myself

  17. Our dogs prefer homemade treats and I really prefer feeding them biscuits that I know contain just good stuff. I look forward to making some of these for the boys!

  18. Judy Thomas says

    Awesome recipes! Thank you, I am sure the dogs will love them 🙂

  19. My pup would love any of these. I love that I can make some so I can better control the ingredients. I read the back of the dog treats and the ingredient list is so long and full of weird ingredients. Thanks for the recipes.

  20. Great doggie treat recipes! Thank you!

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