1800NYCBagels are Perfect for Spreads and Meal Ideas!

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Does your family use a lot of different type bread products? I know that is an odd question. For a long time, my weekly shopping list included a list of sandwich breads, hamburger buns, and deli type breads of different types. Until I had a chance to try the yummy 1800NYCBagels! Then, a light went off in my mind, as I envisioned all the delicious ways of using them!


1800NYCBagels are so delicious and come in several flavors and varieties. I am partial to the poppy and sesame seed, plain, and the garlic bagels are delicious for sandwiches!


I’m amazed at the reason 1800NYCBagels are so delicious! Who would think it is the water?! 1800NYCBagels are made in New York City and provide a true authentic NYC flavor, that is not found anywhere else! The NYC Water used to make 1800NYC’s Bagels can not be replicated, duplicated, or copied.


1800NYCBagels Spreads and Meal Ideas!

Spreads and toppings for bagels are limitless! My personal favorite toppings are spreads such as cream cheese, peanut butter, jams, Nutella, etc.

Bagels are great for making breakfast sandwiches! I love adding eggs, cheese, and bacon. Or scramble eggs, sausage, bell pepper and onion for an omelet scramble. Add cheese and serve on a toasted bagel!

For lunch, slice them in half and load with your favorite sandwich ingredients. I love adding thinly sliced ham or turkey, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese for an easy cold cut sandwich! If you love tuna or chicken salad, give it a try on a bagel to amp up the flavor! Yum!

Are they good for snacks? You betcha! And, if you love pizza, did you know that the yummy 1800NYCBagels make a fabulous pizza snack? Simply add marinara sauce, top with pepperoni and mozzarella cheese and toast for a quick delicious snack. Adults and kids alike will love them!

What did I tell you? Bagels are anything but boring!


These yummy bagels have taken the place of all the bread products on my list! Bagels are great with spreads, sandwiches, snacks, etc. With the different varieties and flavors, it is like having our own personal deli!

Where can you find 1800NYCBagels?

Visit online to see the varieties and place your order. You can choose all the same flavor, assorted flavors, or mini bagels. Are you looking for a unique “tasty” gift for a friend or family member? Check out the 1800NYCBagels gift cards! It would be the perfect gift for all food lovers!

Which flavors would you choose?

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67 thoughts on “1800NYCBagels are Perfect for Spreads and Meal Ideas!

  • Bagels are one of my weaknesses. I love how fresh these look instead of the ones I buy now. They look so delicious!

  • The bacon, egg and cheese bagels shows great.

  • I like the everything bagel, yummy!

  • Poppy Bagels aew my favorite.

  • These bagels look delicious.

  • These bagels are awesome, especially the everything one!

  • Yummy.

  • All these delicious bagels look so delicious. Especially the everything bagel. Fingers crossed for the win. Me & my family love bagels. Thanks for the chance.

  • I would like to try the MULTI-GRAIN BAGEL. it looks so good.

  • The garlic bagels do look tasty! I like to freeze my bagels and enjoy them whenever I want.

  • These are all great ideas, thanks for sharing! I love that what you can put on them or eat them with is endless.

  • yum!! my family loves bagels of all kinds!! onion bagels would be a hit

  • I love onion bagels piled high with corned beef, Swiss cheese & tomatoes! So good!

  • These look so yummy.

  • Great ideas, they all sound delicious! I love salt bagels with lox and cream cheese! I want a bagel so bad right now, lol!

  • I enjoy putting cheddar cheese on my bagels for lunch.

  • I’m a bagel lover and these look so yummy!!!
    *mouth watering*

  • I’d love a good onion bagel for lunch. Maybe, with some cream cheese & corned beef. Yum.

  • I would like to have the mini bagels. Sometimes a regular bagel is just too much for me. A mini would be just fine.

  • We always enjoy a hot fresh bagel like these on Sunday mornings.

  • I love the different flavors of bagels that 1800onycbagels carry.

  • These look like delicious bagels! My favorite are everything bagels!

  • These bagels look so fresh and delicious. I would love to try.

  • Today, I’d love a chocolate chip bagel with some peanut butter on it. That sounds good!

  • I want to try the CHOCOLATE CHIP BAGEL. That would be such a treat. Thank you for the variety.

  • My family enjoys bagels for breakfast as well as for a sandwich for lunch.

  • Delicious flavors and toppings would add to its taste

  • These look like really good bagels. I’d like one right now!

  • Great ideas for using bagels! We have always just done the typical bagels and cream cheese in the morning for breakfast. But now you’ve got me thinking of so many different ways we can use them and for different meals too! Along with all the ideas you gave me, I’m also thinking what about some french toast bagels? Or making a bread pudding using the cinnamon raisin bagels? The ideas are endless!! Thank you for sharing and getting me mind thinking.

  • I love bagels. I like them with just cream cheese or with cream cheese & onion. Sometimes, I use them to replace bread on sandwiches or burgers.

  • I have not thought of using it as a pizza snack. I will have to try that.

  • I like bagels for breakfast and also for making sandwiches. The texture is wonderful.

  • My son is very happy to have bagels for breakfast a few times a week.

  • I would like all a variety Of every single Type of flavor because I just love all bagels I’m A Bagelholic!

  • I love that every bagel is made fresh that day and that they carry a variety of bagels to fit everyones taste.

  • I love eating Bagels anytime of the day. There are so many fabulous ways. My favorite is plain or with plenty of cream cheese.

  • I love to have peanut butter and jelly on my bagels.

  • Oh bagel pizzas for dinner I say, so easy to make in every way, they’re a hit with everyone so delicious to eat and so much fun

  • These are my favorite bagels!

  • I would like to try blueberry.

  • I love my bagels with cream cheese for breakfast!

  • I LOVE bagels! These look awesome :]

  • Yum, I haven’t had a good bagel in a while. I have been craving some with cream cheese!

  • My family is always happy to have a Bagel and egg sandwich.

  • I like to have a bagel sandwich for lunch. it is so filling. I like it with meat and vegs.

  • We buy bagels every week and of course cream cheese to go with them, it’s one of my favorite breakfasts

  • Those look so big and perfect for a sandwich. I like ham & cheese on a plain bagel.

  • Bagels are one of my favorite things to eat. These looks so delicious and fresh. I can see my whole family loving them.

  • I love a good bagel, living in Southern Alabama I don’t find any fresh made bagels like I used to find back in Ct. I do buy the ones from Publix, but they just are not the same as back home. I use them to make lunchmeat sandwiches.

  • I like having a bagel for breakfast. Sometimes I top it with a egg and sometimes with jelly.

  • I would love to make the pizza snack out of these bagels. My son would be thrilled with that snack.

  • I love everything bagels and these make me want to do a runner for cream cheese right now

  • i love most flavors of bagels. Chocolate Chip sounds good.

  • Mmmmmmm! Looks so good I bet it taste good too! Thankyou

  • I love to have bagel egg and bacon sandwiches for breakfast! I’d love to use them for any meal though. I also like to spread dips on them and use them for appetizers 🙂 Thank you for the review!

  • My family loves bagels. I’d like to try the raisin flavor.

  • Now I must go to site and order!! So hungry. I did not know they have a Garlic Bagel, though.

  • I have heard about these great bagels but never tried them. So many flavors would be hard to pick just one. I love bagels and buy them all the time

  • I am a sucker for a good bagel and grew up eating them with cream cheese, smoked salmon, red onion and capers. I think I would choose the onion flavor.

  • I love that there are so many ways in which to enjoy a bagel–as a small pizza or just with cream cheese on it.

  • These sound so so good. My favorite topping would be cream cheese or peanut butter on any of them.

  • I have had these bagels before. I have them delivered. They are wonderful. They whole family loves them. thank you for the review.

  • These bagels look so fresh and delicious. I would enjoy any of the flavors and my family also! I do like eggs on my bagels.

  • I am usually a plain bagel person, but chocolate chip looks really good!

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