3 Important Tips That’ll Help You Extend Your Clutch Assembly’s Life

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Your car’s clutch assembly is one of the most important systems for the proper functioning of your vehicle.

From transmitting torque to the drivetrain to efficiently delivering power for optimal performance, the clutch assembly does it all.

But just like any other part or system in your car, the clutch assembly also gets worn out after some time and might need replacement.

While such maintenance requirements are inevitable and can’t be avoided, if we keep a few things in mind, we can stall the trouble for a significant amount of time.

In this post, we are sharing three important tips that will help our readers extend the life of their car’s clutch assembly.

1. Shift Gears Based on the Situation

Yes, we got it, you were in the middle of the road, your car came to rest, and you didn’t have enough time to downshift to first gear. But is it really the case?

The point is that many people know about the harms of picking up their vehicle in a higher gear and still continue to make this mistake. As a result, their car’s clutch plates get heated up, and over prolonged abuse, they may burn out.

And here’s the worst news: clutch plates can’t be repaired, but only be replaced.

Another mistake that people make while choosing gears is to drive at higher speeds, without enough upshifts. In simpler words, they are driving at higher RPMs, which also causes the clutch plates to burn out.

For the good health of your clutch plates, avoid this mistake. In normal scenarios drive between 2000-3000 RPM, or as your car’s meter suggests.

2. Don’t Rest Your Foot on The Clutch Pedal

The damage that your clutch receives is directly proportional to the amount of work it is made to do.

When one of your feet is placed on the clutch, the clutch assembly gets into action and does its job. That’s the reason why we are able to shift gears.

However, some drivers have a habit of resting their foot on the clutch.

This means that the clutch is being continuously used without rest. Also, as your foot is merely resting on the clutch, it is neither being pushed nor left. This puts a strain on the engine and the clutch assembly, making it heat up quickly.

Sounds like a bad sign, right?

If you have such a habit, train yourself to get over it. Smoothly operating your car will also improve your car’s mileage.

3. Use Top Quality Parts

Indeed, top-quality spare parts for your car’s clutch assembly are going to cost you more than many alternatives.

But as a car owner, you might also know the reason for the price difference.

Buying qualified parts is like making a one-time investment that will last long. On the other hand, when we use cheap parts, they may tend to create problems and hinder the proper function of even the neighbouring parts.

Good thing about it — you will get to make a new friend.

Bad thing about this — this friend will be your mechanic who will churn a fortune out of your repair bills.

That’s why we suggest using qualified clutch parts from brands like Luk clutch. For more information, you can visit LUK’s clutch kit replacement website.

Wrapping Up

As a car owner who wishes to keep driving his/her car comfortably, you may want to ensure that your vehicle’s clutch assembly is in good condition. However, the deal isn’t easy. Consciously or unconsciously, you may be making a mistake that may reduce the life of your car’s clutch system.

In this post, we discussed three important tips that can help you extend the life of your clutch assembly.

Hopefully, this was helpful.


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