3 Reasons Why Good Architecture is Important

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Architecture is all around us. From our home, workplaces to museums, and even palaces, these buildings have all been designed to create a perfect space. While, for the most part, even though it will not spring to the general public’s mind about what makes a brilliant building, they will be reaping the rewards of a team that has designed a particular building with many things in mind.

What do you need to think about when creating a great building, and why is it important that it is not done with half a heart?

This piece will discuss three reasons why good architecture is important.  Economics in Architecture 

Buildings, especially work-places and attractions such as museums and libraries, all face heavy traffic, which is one of the most crucial things to consider when designing a building. The flow of people must be able to be continuous and not create back up issues so everyone can get to where they need to be, and more importantly, everyone can get out of a building safely if an issue arises.

Where the building will be positioned, what it will be used for, and what approximation of visitors are they expecting versus what they would like to achieve should be all taken into account.

Balance in Architecture

If we really think about it, it is not that surprising that a building can affect how we feel and how comfortable we are within it. All buildings need to have a balance in architecture to facilitate everyone in the building. A lot of our comfort relies on how accessible a building is, which includes but is not limited to how easy it is to move around in and the efficiency of the design. For example, hospitals need to have a robust and fool proof architecture so that patients can be reached and attended too quickly. Another example of where a balance in architecture is crucial would be for a specific environment such as a workplace, affecting productivity.

Aesthetics and Architecture 

We all enjoy things that look good, and architects are not only great at knowing where to position windows in a building for the best view, but they are also able to capture the essence of what you would like your house to feel and look like. This can even be down to what might seem like the smallest of details but provides the most significant results, such as the style of roof. For example, architectural shingles are somewhat of a designer roof choice and can create a beautiful and unique look over the more regular types of roofing many others have. This simple detail can be the difference between your dream building and one that might not seem ‘just right.’

The next time you see a majestic building or your favorite little coffee shop, you might notice the way it is built and some of the finer details, which enhance your overall experience of that building.


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