3 Trusted Analytics Platforms

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It’s easy to get overwhelmed as a student studying tech when it comes to learning about all the different types of software platforms you’ll be expected to understand over the course of your career. It can especially be tricky to decide which ones to prioritize, and which skills you think will be most relevant to your work. If you’re unfamiliar with analytics platforms, they’re sometimes known as business intelligence platforms, and they can perform a number of functions for your business that would require too much effort to be performed manually. Any students looking to go into technical fields like data science should invest in becoming familiar with modern tools in the workforce today, including the most widely used analytical platforms and software.

1. TIBCO Spotfire



It wouldn’t be possible to list trusted analytics platforms without mentioning TIBCO Spotfire, which is one of the top software products in tech. Its primary areas of focus are data visualization, predictive analytics, and data science. Organizations use it to effectively increase the speed at which they’re able to adopt insights and analytics and apply them to push for more data-driven decision-making. TIBCO’s user interface also gets high marks from users and reviewers, offering a smooth experience when you need to access and utilize your data.

One of the reasons TIBCO stands out is its ability to move beyond just data visualization and integrate predictive analytics into its platform. Predictive analytics uses statistics, data mining, modeling, and machine learning to analyze both current and historical information to make educated predictions about the future. Being able to translate your data into an actionable plan that takes potential future challenges and events into account is essential for everything from managing the day-to-day operations of a retail business to designing a climate action plan.

2. Tableau Desktop


Tableau Desktop is a type of data visualization software that can help businesses and individuals utilize information to make more informed decisions. It can connect to different sources of data on-premises or using the cloud, allowing for rapid-start analysis. Tableau is also easy to operate at different skill levels, which can make it beginner-friendly.

Data visualization has become increasingly important in many different fields. Using data visualization, you and your company will be better able to track trends over time, find correlations between events and results, and learn more about the market in the industry you work in. You can use different visual aids, ranging from infographics to heatmaps to histograms.

3. Board


Board is known as a platform best suited for improving decision-making processes. It incorporates business intelligence, predictive analytics, and integrated business planning all within a single platform. Board also provides the ability to monitor and control performance across an organization. It was founded in 1994 and is used by over 3,000 companies worldwide to deploy end-to-end decision-making applications. Primarily used for making decisions driven by data, its focus is narrower than a platform like TIBCO Spotfire. One reason many businesses turn to Board is the fact that it can accomplish this in a fraction of the time and for a lower cost than many more traditional solutions.

Developing the knowledge and skills you need for a career in science or technology can be difficult, especially when you’re expected to be able to navigate the most up-to-date industry tools. Using analytics platforms you can trust can help give you a competitive edge in utilizing data and translating it into concrete steps you can take to improve your business. As a student, it’s a good idea to take the time to start learning how to use these platforms effectively, even before you graduate. Being able to navigate some of the most advanced software relevant to your industry will help you apply for jobs, secure competitive internships, and prepare yourself for a career in your chosen field.

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