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Poring through luxury magazines can have you thinking that achieving a perfect home is impossible on a small budget. However, that is hardly the case. Interior designers know some ins and outs which can help you transform any space without breaking the bank. We look at some of the most effective decorating tips that work each year:

Increase Your Lighting

Lighting is the most crucial aspect of any room. Even with the furniture, flooring, and art right, guests can hardly notice your hard work if the lighting is not good. With lighting, you have two main options: natural lighting and source lighting.

Source lighting serves several purposes. First, it highlights essential features of the room. Secondly, task lighting enables you to embark on important tasks. For example, your kitchen cabinets can do with some ultra-long 5050 LED strip lights. They not only enhance the beauty of the space, but they also increase the lighting. Finally, source lighting creates ambiance in the room. If you want a relaxing space, you can work with a warm light that makes a room feel cozy. On the other hand, for a home office where you need to be alert, cooler temperatures make more sense.

While lighting is an effective way of beautifying your space, it can also be costly. Consider switching to LED lights that are cheaper in the long run and highly energy efficient. Incorporating RGB color-changing LED strip lights in your space will add a touch of style without creating a busy look. Feel free to try different kinds of lighting based on the ambiance you want to create.

With natural lighting, you will want to increase the number of openings in the room. Open the curtains, remove items blocking the windows and even open the doors to increase the light in the room. Not only does natural lighting make the room feel airier and brighter, but it also cuts back on your utility bills.

Listen to Experts

We are lucky to live in a world where information has become easily accessible. From articles to videos to podcasts down to books, you can find almost anything online. Use this accessibility to your advantage by looking at what pros have done. Publications like Architectural Digest and World of Interiors are constantly oozing with new ideas. Once you have seen some designs that can work for your home, you can start thinking about implementing them. Keep in mind that though the pros may have the keys to a perfect design, your final style should mimic your vibe.

Add Some Color

Here is a trick many people have used over the years to keep their homes looking fresh- painting! Think about it. First, painting is not costly. Even if you have a professional come in and do the work for you, the chances are that you will barely feel the pinch. If you want to save more money, you can do the work yourself. It is fun and an excellent way to update your DIY skills. Secondly, a fresh coat of paint might be all you need to transform your space. Color can do a lot for a room. It can make it cozier, brighter, or any other feeling you want in the space.

Did you know? A fresh coat of paint can increase the sale value of your home. Buyers will be more inclined to part with more money for a home with an updated look.

Color does not only come in the form of paint. It also comes from furniture, throw pillows, rugs, and other accessories of the room. If a fresh coat of paint does not feel like the best move for you at this time, you can also work on adding more colorful accessories to the room. Take the example of throw pillows. Adding a few colorful options might be what your room needs. Be careful, though, not to add too many pillows. You might end up with a busy look that seems off.

Incorporate Art

The word art might have you picturing a Picasso or an equivalent. While it would be great to have such a masterpiece hanging on your wall, you do not have to reach this far into your pocket. Art is flexible, and you are free to choose what you feel works for you. For example, some people opt to have family photos on their walls. These are beautiful reminders of your loved ones. You can also choose to DIY art, which should be easy, given the number of online resources. It should be easy, and you can end up with a striking piece even as a beginner. Alternatively, you can buy art and support an artist.

When hanging the art, make sure its size works for the scale of your wall. You do not want to hang a piece that overshadows everything and becomes too much of a focal point. Also, you do not want to have artwork on every empty wall. Instead, aim for reasonably sized pieces and hang them on a few walls. It is okay to have a bare wall here and there.

Embrace Minimalism

In interior décor, less is always more. Instead of having tens to hundreds of accessories all over your home, you can choose a minimal approach. Start by decluttering your chairs, then move on to your tables, floors, and finally, your walls. While all these pieces may be helping you put the room together, they can also make it feel cramped and busy. Instead, choose a few statement pieces for each room, and you should have a well-put-together look in the end. Plus, it helps you show off your style and personality when you curate the pieces in specific locations in the room. If you can avoid clutter, you will be well on your way to mastering the art of interior décor.

Keep an open mind as you embark on this decorating journey. You will learn a lot as you go. Research is vital, and you should try to learn as much as is possible before making your first purchase. Else, you could end up with accessories or fittings that are disproportionate to your home’s needs.

Good luck!

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  1. Lauryn R says

    These are great tips for the home, thank you so much for sharing! I love adding extra lighting, it makes a room happy.

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    These are great ideas.I really like the LED strips.


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