5 Fun Things To Do With Pumpkin

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With Fall approaching, everything is pumpkin flavored and pumpkin everything! I personally love the Fall time, I love when the weather gets a little cooler, and things get a little more cozy for me! Something I love to do in the Fall Season is go to the pumpkin patch and get a bunch of fresh pumpkins. The pumpkin patch is truly the best place to get your pumpkins because they are grown locally there, and have all sorts of sizes, from tiny to huge, and also have various colors. I like to personally use Pumpkin for so many different things in the Fall and here a few of the things that I like to do with all the pumpkins that I purchase!

-Carving Pumpkins: It is highly common for people to carve pumpkins for Halloween! I love carving pumpkins, it can get pretty messy…but it’s so fun and you can have so many different creations with your pumpkins! Whether you choose to go with the classic Jack-O-Lantern look or they even make awesome stencils these days to make your favorite characters from TV Shows and Movies!
-Decorating Pumpkins: If you aren’t someone that likes to carve pumpkins or you have really little children that you don’t want to carve around, you can still decorate them! You can use paints, markers, or even stickers to decorate your pumpkins and they will still look amazing! It can be really fun to turn your pumpkins into “people” or creatures! Add some hair and accessories to your pumpkin! You could even have a decorating contest within your family!
-Roast Pumpkin Seeds: If you are looking for a delicious snack, you can roast your pumpkin seeds after pulling out all the goopey insides of your pumpkin! Pumpkin Seeds are a healthy snack and you can change up the flavor at any time by roasting them with different seasonings and flavors!
-Make Pumpkin Pie: I absolutely LOVE pumpkin pie! It is probably one of my all time favorite desserts out there and unfortunately it’s not a dessert that you can really find all year round, so when the Fall season rolls around, I’m all about getting on the pumpkin pie! Although you can find some really great pumpkin pies at restaurants or even store bought, but I don’t think anything beats a good homemade fresh baked pie! Using real pumpkin and pureeing it yourself to make a pumpkin pie is so much better than the canned store bought stuff!
-Use Pumpkin as a Face Mask/Hair Mask: Pumpkin can be extremely beneficial for both your hair and skin! Mixing your pumpkin puree with just a bit of common household ingredients like honey, egg, and milk! I promise you because I’ve used it before, this pumpkin mask will not only make your hair look amazing but it will also make your skin feel so ridiculously soft and leave it looking illuminated and glowing, Pumpkin can even help to fight wrinkles!!
So you see! Pumpkins have so many versatile uses! Make sure you stock up on your pumpkins this year!
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