5 Themes for an Outdoor Summer Party

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Summer is here, so you don’t need an occasion to throw an outdoor party for your friends and families. Get out in the sun enjoy the good weather while scooping on some cool fruits and juices to beat the heat. Style your backyard or any outdoor venue with fun and entertaining ideas practically applying to the furniture, décor and lighting and some eclectic music to compliment the ambiance. Also, know the preferences of your guests just to indulge their ideas into yours and create a perfect venue for the party. Remember to arrange a few outdoor activities for kids, so they let their moms have some fun too! In case of pool availability, utilizing it would be a great way to entertain kids and free up some time for parents. You can enhance the experience with custom-branded pool floaties, that can be part of the themed decor and can even carry the guests’ names on them. Below are 5 welcoming themes to set up an outdoor summer party.

Theme # 1: Sundresses and Sangria

Definitely a feast for the ladies – brace your pretty sundresses and sip the Sangria! If all the guests of the party live nearby, send a hearty invitation with a bag of summer fruit rather than dropping an online invite. This makes the guests expect more from the event when they arrive. Also, it is a more personalized and respectful way of inviting someone.

Signature Drink: Of course, Sangria! Try out this recipe and attempt to woo your guests by the cool fruity feel of it.

Food Ideas: Always keep the food simple and light. With Sangria running popular in the party, get to couple flatbread pizzas or Paninis topped with spinach, goat cheese, and fried onions just to turn up the taste. Pizzas are the most convenient if you are planning home-cook food. You can oven-bake the flatbreads or heat them on the grill and serve it in your outdoor setting.

Decorations: Keep some decorations in line with the Sangria theme. For instance, the gorgeous red lanterns and clear glass containers to complement the tropical theme of the party! Be creative with lighting and décor, you can also find out fun options consulting with wedding décor rentals. Additionally, play some summer disco to get the groove on after the drinks, otherwise, jazz might just keep the evening dull.

Theme # 2: Flip-flops and Lemon Chops

Flip-flops are the major footwear in summer and everyone loves to sport a pair to their favorite party or casual outdoor event. An interesting idea to send the invites for the event could be the invitation hand-written on a white pair of flip-flops.

Signature Drink: Let the guests mix their own drinks with lemons, obviously!

Food Ideas: Chicken salads with croissants and BBQ chicken with vegetable kebabs.

Decorations: Go with the color scheme of yellow ranging from furniture linings to lanterns. It gives the appropriate feel of a lemon party with some reggae music to mix it up.

Theme # 3: Summer Sips

This theme is a bit upscale and allows for guests to dress up for the event. A fairly decent invitation on a card would do.

Signature Drink: Provide a range of drinks – margaritas, cocktails, mojitos, fresh wines and cold beers.

Food Ideas: Shrimp cocktail, grilled bruschetta, chicken strips and brick oven pizza.

Decorations: Floral density of the décor should be chic and light. Use monochromatic flowers to give an absolute impression. Combine good sax music for higher indulgence.

Theme # 4: Pool Party

A pool party is always a great way to blow off some steam for the kids and adults. A little bit of water ball can escalate the fun amongst the seniors and juniors. A normal Card Invite to the guests will be fairly appropriate.

Signature Drink: Stock up all kinds of drinks – let the bartender mix it up with plain cool ice or a sugar-rushed cocktail.

Food Ideas: BBQ chops or ribs, grilled chicken/beef patty, Russian salad and flatbread pizza.

Decorations: Keep the party young-looking! Balloons and balls will do the magic. Some house music will keep the guest moving.

Theme # 5: White and Light

A white dress code makes the party look chic and stylish. A white invitation card will suffice! Ask everyone to wear white linen clothing, so everyone would feel comfortable through day and night!

Signature Drink: Anything from tequila or vodka that’s transparent and goes with the theme!

Food Ideas: Kebabs, strawberry shortcake, watermelon salad and roasted corn.

Decorations: Keep everything white – dresses, furniture, lanterns, and lights. Some cool electronic or dance music will keep up the crowd.

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