5 Must-Download Apps to Help Kids Study

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A lot of us are bothered by what the digital age might do to our kids’ attention span and learning. Often we see them cooped up in a corner, immersed in whatever app they are using. However, we also can’t disregard the fact that a lot of these technological advancements can be utilised to make day-to-day activities more fun than they actually are. 

Take studying, for instance. A secondary school in Singapore, the One World International School, makes full use of technology in assisting their holistic educational framework. They believe that a lesson on the parts of the cell, for example, may seem a little bearable if that they are using different colour markers to draw and label the each part. But think about the changes in how they view studying if they are exploring the human body in a ship, labelling each part and function of a cell. Kids will most likely remember their lesson and resent studying even less now.

So to help make learning fun, here are some of the apps you should download for your kids.

Kids Vocabulary, Grammar & Language learning games

This is perfect for kids ages 6 and under. It is a free app that comes loaded with games in science, math, literacy, language, and more. The best part about this app is it adjusts the levels according to your child’s learning ability, so each level is a personalised program.

Presidents vs. Aliens

For kids who are currently studying American History, this might be an awesome game to help them memorise the names of the presidents, which party they belong in, and what significant part of history they were involved. The objective of the game is to get rid of the aliens by tossing the heads of the presidents at them. Sounds ridiculous, right? But you’ll see that they’ve retain much of what they’ll learn from this app than in their notebooks.

Time, Money & Fractions On-Track

Time, Money, & Fractions On-Track may be the app to make learning Maths less dry and more compelling. From the colourful graphics to the entertaining animations, this app will allow kids to explore basic Maths concepts through positive reinforcement. The start of each level is not graded to create a stress-free learning experience for the kids. Only after skills tests will they see their progress.

Operation Math Code Squad

Another Maths app to use, and this is also perfect for a classroom setting, is the Operation Math Code Squad. Divided into teams, kids must disarm dangerous devices made by Dr. Odd by solving binomial addition and subtraction equations. M (for Mom), can track your kid’s progress so you can see how well he knows the Maths. Don’t worry about not being able to have teams for this game, your kid can always play it on their own.

Khan Academy

While not a gaming app, Khan Academy is the perfect remedy for an ineffective school teacher. It has lessons that range from Kindergarten level to more advanced ones like Physics. These are short lesson refreshers, so there is no danger of kids getting bored while they’re recalling what was discussed in class.

Schools like the One World International School isn’t afraid to make use of fun apps for learning because a holistic educational framework calls for nurturing a child’s curiosity. As guardians, we can help them by loading up some of these apps to make sure that their penchant for learning isn’t diminished just because they think studying is an arduous task.

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