5 Ways to Get Inspired for Writing

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Writers get inspiration from different things. As an amateur writer, you must be wondering how renowned writers keep their creative juices flowing. Well, to begin with, you really need to understand who you are as a creative.

What works for one writer might not work for the next because people’s brains are wired differently. This, however, does not mean you should not try out hacks recommended by your mentors.

To be an excellent writer, you have to be an avid reader. The more books you read, the more inspired you will be to write. Especially if the genre you’re reading is the same one you specialize in as a writer. You can benefit from reading others’ life stories published on Doe, an anonymous blogging platform that has amateur writers from around the world, where you also can share your own experiences without giving any personal details .

If you’re in college, you must know by now that writing essays are part and parcel of college life. That is why you should put in the necessary effort to ensure you can be the best writer in your class. Besides, you’re in school to excel, and you cannot achieve success with half-baked essays.

Let’s find out how writers can get inspired to write.

1.     Past Experiences

Most literary works are those that talk about an author’s past experiences. Some people’s lives are dramatic that most and such experiences could make for great stories.

If you’ve had a couple of past experiences you have a hard time forgetting, maybe you should write about them.

Personal stories are powerful because many readers are likely to relate to your experiences. This way, they get to acknowledge that it’s not only them who when through something major in their lives, especially if it was an excruciating experience.

2.     Observation

You’ve probably heard that many authors have a tendency to observing people in public spaces. The beauty of people watching is that events are quite spontaneous and unscripted.

Since everything that happens is entirely unexpected, such observations make for beautiful stories.

If you’re an amateur writer, consider going to a random cafe and have your eye on a couple of tables. You’ll be surprised at how much writing material you’ll gather at the end of the day.

3.     Reading Other Author’s Works

To be an excellent writer, you have to be an avid reader. The more books you read, the more inspired you will be to write. Especially if the genre you’re reading is the same one you specialize in as a writer.

This, however, does not mean you should limit the kind of content you read. You’ll be surprised at how much better you’ll get at writing if you read widely. Have a diverse reading list and always consider the books your friends recommend.

4.     Research

Sometimes, inspiration does not come to you, and you have to seek it. An excellent way of seeking inspiration is doing research. Especially when you want to write something on a technical subject.

You need to take your time with the research so that you get all the writing material you need. Make sure you’re clear about what you want to write so that you narrow down the scope of your research.

5.     Listening to Friends

As a writer, you are not limited to, writing about your experiences alone. It’s acceptable to recount the experience of a close friend. Many writers conduct interviews and write beautiful stories from other people’s experiences.

All you need is to do is give a listening ear and a recorder. Record the whole interview so that you don’t forget important details like dates and locations. After all, when you finally publish the story, the person you interviewed is likely to read it. It’s not a good thing when you, as a writer, get the facts of someone’s experience wrong.


The inspiration to write is everywhere. As a writer, you have to figure out how to harness it. Make sure you read other people’s works to learn new writing techniques.

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