7 Main factors to consider when buying a mattress

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Although there are lots of different online mattress review sites helping you buy the best product, you still have known some basic things. There are lots of factors that need to be considered when buying a product as you don’t want to purchase something that will cause pain or discomfort. On top of that, contrary to popular opinion, the mattress industry is very progressive and innovative so there will always be something new and interesting that you might wish to consider.


Needless to say, size is always the first thing on the list. There are sizes such as Twin, Twin XL, Full/Double, Queen, King, and California King and you have to know which one suits your bed frame. Even if everything else looks great and fits, getting a wrong size can ruin the whole purchase.


When we mention the size, we refer to width and length. Density refers how thick a mattress is. Most of them are around 10 inches. Still, they can vary between 5 to 15. Weight is a big factor when it comes to density. Lighter people usually prefer lighter mattresses while heavier thicker. Still, it also comes down to personal preferences and in some cases, preexisting medical condition may also play a role.

Life expectancy

Like all other items, mattresses have certain life expectancy. In general, they are quite durable products which can last for years and years. Still, there are big differences in life expectancy depending on material which is being used. When buying a mattress, lots of people will place focus on life expectancy as the most important factor. This is mainly due to financial reasons. Still, given that quality mattresses protect our health, you shouldn’t skim on them. Even if a product lasts for a bit shorter time, it is much better to sleep on a quality surface.


As mentioned, there are various materials used for these products. Some of them will vary in terms of adaptation or conforming to your body type. This point is especially important for people who are restless sleepers of have a health condition.

Back support

There are lots of medical mattresses out there. When we mention support, we refer how good a product is for your back. Mattresses have to provide flat surface that will realign your bones and skeleton. It is important that you sleep on flat surface and that it doesn’t fall down too much. Keep in mind that most products are great at first; once you try them, they feel like a dream. However, the main trouble occurs after some time and usage. The more you use a mattress, the softer and less supportive it becomes. There are certain types of mattresses such as airbeds, innerspring, hybrids that provide great back support regardless of their age or usage.


Temperature is one of the numerous things that people have trouble with. You see, certain mattresses will get heated up quicker than the other. This is due to material being used for their production. Heat can be a big problem for people who have trouble sleeping and are waking up easily. At times, it can be really annoying. So, if you have sleeping on a warm mattress buy one that doesn’t heat up quickly.


New mattresses do not have any odors. In fact, you can expect a pleasant smell once you first lay on it. However, in time, they will start absorbing odors. This might result in your mattress smelling kind of awkward. So, this is another thing you have to consider.

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