8 Company Gifts That Will Make Your Team Feel Valued

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Employees are at the very core of your business’s success. They drive productivity, expertise, and creativity forward through their hard work, knowledge, and attitude. So, it’s no wonder that hiring the right team is instrumental to sustainable growth. Yet, hiring valuable candidates and making them feel part of the team are two completely different things. Team-building activities, onboarding strategies, and in-team mentoring can help speed up the integration process. Yet, those are still going to need weeks, if not months, to be effective. So what can companies do from Day One to welcome employees to the business? Team gifts are one of the most underused methods to bring a team together.

Company gifts are an easy and thoughtful way to welcome new employees to your organization and let them know you appreciate their hard work, dedication, and overall contribution. Employees who feel appreciated often have higher performance, loyalty, and productivity levels than those who don’t—so the more company gifts you can provide, the better! Here are ten ideas for fun and thoughtful company gifts that will delight your team members and help create an atmosphere of appreciation in your office.

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1) Tees or tops

Branded tees with embroidery or print are a practical, useful and beautiful team-building gift that will make any employee feel valued. Quality embroidery products are a must if you want your team to proudly wear their tees in a client-facing situation. Figuring out the best option for your business can be tricky at first. Indeed, in a formal environment where employees are more likely to wear suits, you may want to opt for shirts rather than tees.

Casual chic workplace dress codes have more success with polo shirts than tees, but you get the drill. Pick the right product for your business dress code.

2) Mugs

Mugs are a practical and useful gift for your employees, with the added bonus of being beautiful. As more and more employees are in a hybrid work situation, it makes no sense for the company to maintain paper and plastic cups in the office. These not only drive waste high, but they are also unnecessary when the team prefers to work from home some days or most days of the week. You could ask them to bring their own mugs to use in the office like Google has been doing for a long time. But ultimately, gifting each employee an individual branded mug can be the best option to make them feel valued. They can leave the branded mug in the office kitchen or in their home office so they’ll always have something to use. While it is tempting to prepare identical mugs for everyone, your team may appreciate a little creativity. Why not order a couple of batches with slightly different designs, such as:

  • Color-coded mugs for each department in the business
  • Different designs informing the team about each member’s work preferences, such as an “I-work-best-alone” and an “I-work-best-in-a-group” design
  • Designs for introvert and extrovert team members
  • Etc…

3) Socks

Everybody could do with a pair of socks. If you are worried that a team tee may not be the best present for your team, socks are an item of clothing that will not affect anybody’s fashion sensibility! Branded socks with the business logo can be a small but meaningful gift to new members of the team, allowing them to maintain full control over their outfits.

Which socks are best suited for a business gift?

  • Typically ankle or mid-calf-length socks are preferred
  • Aim for black or white background with a simple logo
  • Cotton or bamboo socks work best for everyday wear

4) Coasters

It’s all about the little things. A coaster for your mugs on the desk can be a nice reminder that you’re part of something bigger and have a voice within the company. Plus, drinking coffee or tea at the desk can be quite messy and leave rings on the surface of the table. A branded coaster is unlikely to break the bank when it comes to company gifts, but it can help everyone to settle nicely into the day-to-day routine.

Whether employees work from home or in the office, a branded coaster can always be a nice addition to the desk setup.

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5) A mug heating pad

Mug warmers are especially popular for people who tend to leave their drink go cold. It’s easily done in a hectic environment. You prepare a cup of coffee, but suddenly you’re called to an unexpected meeting, and you’re away from the desk. By the time you come back, the freshly brewed coffee is cold!

Sometimes, people simply forget about their drinks as they get too immersed in a tough task. Whatever the reason, a branded mug heating pad can be a fantastic idea to ensure your team still enjoys a warm drink throughout the day!

6) Customized stationery

One of the best ways to show your employees you care about them is through personalized stationery. With so many options, there’s no excuse not to get your team branded office supplies. Add the company logo on personalized notepads, sticky notes, and post-its. They’re also great for sending quick thank-you’s and messages of encouragement. Branded stationery is an inexpensive and easy way to make your team feel valued and appreciated in the workplace.

How does stationery conflict with paperless companies? It turns out you’ve got a few choices even if you promote a paperless environment:

  • Branded quality pens to sign forms, contracts, and write greeting cards as some things can’t be digitized
  • Post-it notes are still being used for quick and easy notifications when someone isn’t at their desk
  • Desk calendars are useful for keeping track of appointments that are not part of business life (such as medical appointments, school trips, etc.)
  • Letter or personal note paper for thanking or congratulation a client

7) Sports gear

If you have an agreement with local gyms or even have an on-site gym studio where people can work out, it can be nice to focus on simple and useful sports gear gifts. Bear in mind that fitness lovers are likely to have everything they need when it comes to technical clothing and specialist kits. So, instead, focus on the little things that can make a big difference to their fitness routine:

  • A branded towel for the post-workout shower
  • A gym bag to keep their fitness outfit in
  • Sweatbands for wrists or forehead, as they will help people stay fresh even during an intensive session
  • A branded sports bottle is a nice addition to everybody’s fitness journey
  • A foam roller may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it can be an instrumental tool for stretching, massaging, and even yoga routines, making it a hard-working accessory that will fit any sports type.

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8) Branded journal

Bullet journal is the new kid on the creative block. A lot of people use their bullet journals to stay focused and relax. In fact, as the US is home to the most active bullet journalers, chances are you’ve got one or many on your team. Even if you don’t have anybody who holds their own journal, it can still be a great gift for team members.

What can they use their bullet journal for?

  • A collection of notes, thoughts, and ideas for their career progression
  • A diary of their day to help unwind in a hectic work environment
  • A travel diary
  • A self-confidence boost
  • A project mapping tool for teams who work on long-term, complex creative or tech projects
  • A networking tool when meeting new clients
  • Etc…

Hopefully, these few employee gift ideas can help your business make the team feel valued. Company gifts do not have to break the bank. However, they need to meet an existing need and be practical. In other words, it’s time to ban gifts that are frequently discarded, such as tote bags, inexpensive notebooks, and cheap pens.

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