A Guide to Sleep on Modafinil

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First of all, what is Modafinil? Modafinil is what is known as a smart drug. Smart drugs, also known as nootropics, are substances used to stimulate the brain into a more focused, sharp state. Modafinil is also one of the many ways to counteract symptoms of medical conditions involving sleep, such as narcolepsy, hyperactivity disorder, or Alzheimer’s disease.

Modafinil, specifically, promotes wakefulness and sharpness. People who use it off-label aim to reach a focused state to achieve a particular goal, like studying or working. This makes it an excellent choice for students or people who work in a job that requires focus, like programming. You can always check Modafinil Now to read a quick review of its possible uses.

Still, using it as a cognitive enhancer can be complicated. People usually find it hard to sleep once they start taking this pill. This makes absolute sense considering the original purpose of the medicine, which is helping you stay awake.

This, along with other side effects, may make you think twice before starting to use it. Still, there are some things you can do to relieve and deal with these side effects, which we are going to teach you in this article.

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How does it work?

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Modafinil directly affects how your brain works. Since it was meant to deal with sleepiness and to keep you in a state of constant sharpness, this would make sense.

How does it work? Well, Modafinil actually increases the production of:

  1. Dopamine: Known as an essential neurotransmitter that plays a fundamental role in a wide variety of brain functions, including emotional wellbeing, motivation, memory, and focus.
  2. Norepinephrine: This chemical is released when we are stressed. It increases the oxygen traveling to our brain, making us sharper and more focused. It also increases our heart rate, which makes our body function more efficiently.
  3. Histamine: Which has awaking effects on the body.

Modafinil also decreases GABA production, a neurotransmitter responsible for blocking communication between neurons. Modafinil has a half-life of 12 hours, too, meaning that it’ll last for 12 hours before the effects start diminishing. After that point, half of the drug will still be inside your body, but its benefits will be hardly noticeable. Here’s more information about it.

How does Modafinil affect sleep?

Well, with all of we mentioned earlier, you might have an idea of how it affects sleep. It literally works as a hardcore coffee. Even more, if you decide to take coffee after you’ve taken the pill.

This pill can mess up your sleeping routines if you are not careful, and take the right countermeasures to deal with its possible side effects.

What can I do?

We are not saying that is impossible to sleep after you’ve taken Modafinil, but it can be quite a challenge if you don’t know how to approach the situation.

The first recommendation is to know when to take it. As we mentioned early, Modafinil can work up to 12 hours. If you are someone who sleeps at 10 p.m, try to take it before 10 a.m. This will make a big difference.

You can also reduce the dose. The recommended dose is 100mg to 200mg per day. You can always have the 50 mg and still get the benefits of the pill without having to suffer from the side-effects affecting your sleeping.

Also, try to avoid drinking coffee or anything containing caffeine while you consume Modafinil or any type of smart drug. This will subsequently increase the chances of you not sleeping at night.

If you are still having trouble after this, you can always try relaxing teas or following these 17 proven tips to sleep better. My personal favorite is to read a book and disengage from any sort of electronic devices, like computers, phones, and T.V. Believe it or not, it works wonders for me.

Possible Side Effects

Once you start using Modafinil, you might find yourself suffering from some side effects. A list of possible side effects to consider include:

  • Anxiety
  • Nervousness
  • Nausea
  • Headache

Although these ones are the most common side effects, other side effects that are not as common should be considered as well. These include:

  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Swelling
  • Sores
  • Back pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Decreased appetite
  • Dryness in both mouth and skin
  • Vomiting

It is important to know these side effects just in case you suffer from them. If you do, you should cut the consumption of the pill right away. If you want to know more about possible side effects, please visit

Another thing to consider is the chance of you become addicted to it, which is low, but possible.

Other options to be more focused.

There are still other things you can do to stay focused that do not involve taking a smart drug. Of course, they usually require more effort, but will not bring side effects, and may as well be healthier.

The first thing to do, when starting a new activity, is to avoid multitasking. People underestimate how a peaceful environment where you can go one thing at a time makes things better. No matter if you are under a lot of pressure, the best possible choice is to finish one thing at a time then proceed with the next one.

A good recommendation is to take regular breaks every 1 hour. If you rest for 10 to 20 minutes after you’ve completed a batch of work, you’ll feel less tired once you’ve finished, and the ideas and motivation will keep on high levels.

Another thing to consider is how important exercising and sleeping are. Remember the neurotransmitters I mentioned earlier? They are actually depleted when you have bad sleeping habits or don’t engage in physical activity. Physical activity highly increases your dopamine productions, which is always a good thing, since it keeps you focused and motivated. Sleeping is really important, too, so don’t forget to have a healthy sleeping routine.

Of course, you can always use Modafinil as you engage in these recommendations. This will greatly increase your productivity during the day, and who knows? You might as well not need it once you’ve gotten yourself motivated and sharp enough.

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