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Send More Meaningful Messages Via Beatshare

I think that just about anyone would agree that music has a powerful influence. With the new Beatshare app, you can now message personal photos and videos with music to add a more powerful punch to your messages.


3 Dimensional Messages via Beatshare

There is just something about music that can bring back a million memories with even just hearing 2 seconds of a song! There are some styles of music that I do not even listen to but if I am walking in the store, I can bring back memories from other times I have heard that same song played elsewhere. I can also hear an upbeat song and feel more energized, hear a slow romantic song and get all mushy feeling, and hear a song from the 90’s and become super sentimental. Music just does that! With the Beatshare app, you can now send a 10-second clip to add more emotion to your iMessage!


Aizenstat, the 24 year-old entrepreneur of Beatshare, points out that millennials listen to 3 hours of music per day and send on average a constant flow of 120 daily messages. Beatshare unites the two. Sharing a Beat with a friend connects them with the sender’s “now”. It’s not a tired old selfie, so one-dimensional. A Beat is a dynamic clip layered in sound, sight, and emotion. The ease of use and integration represents a breakthrough in comminucation with the potential to rock the way mobile junkies who are crazy about music interact.


Since my husband and I were dating, “our song” has always been the song “My Best Friend” by Tim McGraw. Anytime I hear even a clip of that song, memories from 17 years ago come flooding back. In the past, I have sent my husband the link to the song on YouTube just to put a smile on his face. Now, with Beatshare, I can send a short clip WITH a photo or video of myself to him. It’s perfect! Anyone can take 10 seconds to listen to an audio clip compared to the entire song.

How It Works

Simply download the easy to use Beatshare app to your iPhone or iPod. Next, search over 100 million songs on Beatshare for the perfect song to send. Choose the 10-second clip of the song that you would like to send, take a photo or video within the app and send away!


Beatshare Music Sources

  • Apple Music
  • Spotify Premium
  • SoundCloud

Quark Speaker

Pair up the Beatshare app with possibly the smallest bluetooth speaker on the market, the Quark Speaker. It is extremely portable and can attach to your headphone jack that allows a hands-free option!


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