Amwell is Changing Health Care

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Healthcare is changing for the better. Did you know that when you aren’t feeling well there is no need to rush to the emergency room or attempt to get a visit with your family doctor only to be told they can see you in a few weeks. If you have a computer, smartphone or tablet, there is a doctor that can see you now!

You have to be wondering what I am talking about. Let me introduce you to Amwell. Online doctors, available 24/7, to see you via the internet. Conversations with the doctor you select will last about 10 minutes.

Amwell is easy to use, you select your state, enroll then you choose the doctor you wish to see. Yes, you get to chose! How great is that?


I used Amwell over the weekend. My daughter had been bit by a bug on vacation and I wasn’t sure what kind of bite this was… Amwell had a doctor that was available right away and that reassured my worried mind by telling me it was just a mosquito bite, and how to treat it. Don’t roll your eyes please. She is a little thing, just a toddler and this was one big bite! Amwell gave us peace of mind and saved me a ton of money on a co pay at the pediatrician!

Would you like to try this new way to get healthcare? I have a code for you! That will get you $20 off a visit.


Healthcare is changing to meet the needs of busy Americans, next time you are in need of a doctor, try Amwell. It is changing the way we seek medical attention for minor illness and injury!

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10 thoughts on “Amwell is Changing Health Care

  • I have never heard of this service. I will have to use it. I babysit my grandkids and it is often hard to get to the dr. for a sinus infection or something simple.

  • I grew up in the country and I’ve definitely had my fair share of bug bites & learned more than I ever cared to know about them. lol. I have a toddler and a preschooler and the thing that scares me the worst is when they bump their heads!

  • great tool to use. thanks for sharing!

  • Too bad that they don’t have an app you could take a pic and send it in and then find out if you need to come in or not.,

  • It sounds like this is the new up and coming thing. I can see this really taking off. Thank you so much for sharing

  • There are definitely times you need to see a doctor in person, but I can see a role for this type of healthcare, too. If you just need to explain your symptoms & get a diagnosis, or treat a common ailment, this would work & cut down on the number of patients clogging up doctors’ offices & ERs.

  • Thanks for the code.

  • This is why, with comment only, I wish we could choose our own post. I always try to be honest, yet dislike leaving negative comments. I don’t agree with this at all. I think a doctor has no right to treat a person with prescription meds without having their full history and a relationship with the patient. Not to mention being able to examine them.

  • Not sure about all this new healthcare stuff. I would rather see a doctor in person.

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