Are Credit Cards Pricing Themselves Out of The SaaS Market?

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Credit cards have been an innovation and an easier method for people to make their payments without carrying a lot of cash with them. A person who owns a credit card is someone who enjoys many advantages and perks by using it, for example, people who own a credit card will be able to borrow money whenever they need it, and this allows them to have a sense of financial stability. Credit card owners also have the advantage of building up their credit scores, which later on allows them to get a lot of discounts, which will be based on the credit score, when they decide to purchase a house, a property, or even a car. The discounts that credit scores offer are because they represent how responsible people have been with paying their debts, taxes, and so on. Here are the best credit repair companies.

In this article, we are going to educate you on how the increase in the prices of credit cards is causing the credit cards to go out of the SaaS market.

Table of Contents:

  1. Credit Cards and Software as a Service Market (SaaS)
  2. The increase in the pricing is too much for the SaaS market margin
  3. Long value chain in credit card

Credit Cards and Software as a Service Market (SaaS)

However, since more people have started to use credit cards, credit card issuers have realized that they can make a lot of more profits if they just increase the pricing of their credit cards. Without putting a clear thought in this process, credit card issuers have not considered the fact that the world is constantly evolving and the SaaS (software as a service) market has already become their direct competitor. Even though credit card issuers and SaaS sometimes collaborate with each other, the increasing prices have caused a major problem for credit cards to push themselves out of the SaaS market.

The increase in the pricing is too much for the SaaS market margin

Since credit card issuers have increased their prices, their margins have gone up and now they are almost at 1.4%. This increase in the price is quite too much compared to the margins accepted by the SaaS (software as a service). The increase in the margins is causing SaaS to rethink about their partnership with credit card issuers and eventually they are going to decide to put them out of their partnership. If a payment method is thinking about staying within the SaaS market’s margin, they have to provide low cost for their customers so that their margin stays on the low side of the accepted margin in the SaaS market.

Long value chain in credit card

Another problem in the credit card price increase is that payments via credit cards have a complicated and a long process. First when people make payments with credit cards, the amount goes out and it is passed by the bank, some other payment parties, and after the long process, it arrives to the people that it should have arrived a long time ago. This process is making payments done by a credit card to be long and complicated and eventually a little more expensive than other payment methods. The reason for this is because when the amount goes through a lot of accounts, every account needs to take out a commission in order to cover their own costs and gain something in return for the services that they offered.

Since payments done by credit cards are already expensive, the increase in the pricing of the credit cards is making the process even more expensive, which is causing people to rethink the payment method they are using, and eventually, is decreasing the number of people using credit cards in the SaaS market.

Key Takeaways

To sum everything up that is discussed in this article, when credit card issuers decided to increase their prices they did not make the clear and wise decision and in order to increase their overall profits, they started to drive themselves out of the SaaS market which can be considered a major part from where their profits are made. Also, they raised their margins and made the payment process by credit cards even more expensive.

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