Are you traveling safely?

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If you’re a fan of traveling, it’s probably something you prioritize in life. You’ll know all the tricks: how to haggle, what a good hostel looks like and where to find the best local cuisine. But do you know how to travel safely? Whilst traveling is an adventure, it comes with risks. No matter how often you do it, you’re entering unknown places with different cultures and this can be risky. So, are you traveling safely?

You’ve researched the area

If you travel safely, you do your research. When you’re visiting a new city, you find out what the dangerous, or high crime areas are, and you avoid them. You know where the hospitals are. You might even check out injury lawyers in the area and consider this, like a person who cares about their health and protection. Your friends might think you’re being excessive, but preparing yourself for any possibilities leaves you in good stead for any accidents or injuries whilst traveling. You’ll also be aware of the culture that you’re entering, and abide by any laws, such as keeping your arms and legs covered or not drinking alcohol.

You protect your valuables

Being safe whilst traveling means not leaving any valuables on show that could put you in danger of thieves, including cameras, tablets and smartphones. Whilst you want to take photos of your destination, not portraying yourself as a tourist or traveler is wise, as this could make you a target. Therefore, you avoid wearing a camera around your neck or putting your valuables in a bum bag. Instead, you consider ways of hiding your valuables cleverly, like spreading your cash out across different locations (pockets, socks, and bum bags under clothes work well) and leave some cash back in the safe in your hostel room, too.

You’re careful around strangers

Whilst much of the joy in traveling comes from meeting new people and learning about their culture, you know that it’s important not to overshare with strangers. You know that, if you befriend a local and tell them where you’re staying or show them where you’re stowing your cash, they could steal from you – or be working with someone else, who steals from you whilst they distract you. Whilst you’re never rude or offensive to locals, you’re sensible, slightly guarded and aware of the possibilities. This stands for fellow travelers, too.

You don’t drink too much

If you’re a smart, safe traveler, you’ll want to be aware of your surroundings and alert at all times. Therefore, whilst you might enjoy an alcoholic drink or two, you avoid drinking excessively in a strange place that you don’t know. This might be a difficult balance to achieve, and therefore you might have some guidelines that you follow, such as setting a daily limit or combining alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic drinks. Whilst you want to have fun and relax on your travels, you know that you need to be able to get back to your hostel safely and get up for your early morning train the next day.

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