Baltic Amber Lets Freedom Ring

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My sister was born a mother, it seems. From the time that I can remember, she always had a doll of some sort in a stroller or on her hip, making fake bottles and changing fake diapers. Soon after she graduated college, she got married to her high school sweetheart and had their first child together almost to the day of their first wedding anniversary. She fell into the role naturally. Like any mother, she had the cure for everything. When her daughter started teething, she already knew how she would handle it! She purchased her a Baltic amber teething necklace and that was the end of that battle.

So when I came to her complaining about my sore muscles from working out at the gym everyday, she told me about how Baltic amber wasn’t just for teething babies. I sort of laughed her off with the thought that she was poking fun of me for “acting like a baby”. I didn’t need a silly baby necklace! She sent me a few website links for me to look over if I were to change my mind. It took me a few more weeks, but after some pretty serious sciatica pain due to lack of good form during my gym sessions, I finally gave in and wanted to see what Baltic amber was all about.

The first website link she sent was of a blog titled “Nature’s Ibuprofen” and my first thought was, “I could use some anti-inflammatory goodness in my life!”. Baltic amber is just that, nature’s ibuprofen. This is due to the succinic acid that’s found in the resin that makes up amber. For hundreds of years, countries surrounding the Baltic sea have utilized amber for it’s medicinal benefits.

Due to amber acting like an anti-inflammatory, it can be used for a multitude of things such as headaches, backaches, joint and muscle pain, and even wisdom teeth issues. It’s also rich with antioxidants, making it the perfect multivitamin! People have even claimed that wearing amber daily helped improve their overall mood, changing their outlook on life–sometimes even pulling them out of a depressed-like state.

Amber works best when heated so that the resin can seep through the surface and into your bloodstream. Once absorbed by the body, you start feeling it’s healing effects almost immediately. These stones can be found in a variety of colors, ranging from lemonade variants to darker cognacs.

The colors practically mean nothing unless you plan on purchasing a polished stone. Due to the polished surface, it becomes harder to pull the succinic rich oil from the bead and into the bloodstream. Light colors of amber contain higher traces of succinic acid. So, if you’re wanting the same effect as your raw amber teething necklace, it’s best to purchase a lighter color when buying a polished stone.

I figured it was a pretty cheap alternative to try, and if it worked then I would save my wallet later on by not purchasing multiple OTC medications. After wearing the necklace for a week, I noticed that I had more motion in my hips which allowed my back to stop overcompensating when lifting weights.

This allowed the inflammation in my sciatica to decrease, thus causing less pain. After wearing the necklace for three months, I wholeheartedly would recommend an amber necklace to anyone suffering from chronic pain or inflammation. Amber changed the way I live my life and what I put into my body. Baltic amber has me climbing life’s highest mountains and screaming “Thank God Almighty, I’m free at last!”.

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