Beautiful, Eco-Friendly Glass Drinking Straws from Glass Dharma

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I have been making a conscious effort to be more earth-friendly with environmental friendly products. At our home, we try to do our part by recycling what we can and have been switching out everyday products to more earth-friendly ones. Plastics are creating a nightmare in landfills everywhere! It’s funny how I have never thought about my plastic straws as being harmful. However, it is amazing how a lowly little plastic straw can cause so much damage. When you think about it, there are millions of people using straws daily! Imagine a pile of a million straws! And, that is happening everyday YIKES! Well, I am happy to say, I have found a better, and prettier, solution in Glass Dharma glass drinking straws!

Glass Dharma Glass Drinking Straws

Glass Dharma glass straws are reusable and eco-friendly, not to mention the touch of elegance they bring to all drinks!  By replacing my plastic straws with these beautiful reusable glass straws, ditching the plastic bags for reusable shopping bags, and filtering my own water instead of purchasing bottled water, I feel as though I am making a good start to a better earth for future generations.

About Glass Dharma

GlassDharma’s mission is to create world-wide awareness about single use plastics and how damaging plastic straws are to our environment. Glass Straws provide an alternative that eliminates the need for straws made from plastic. Their focus is to do what they can do and what they do best. Single use plastics are not only one of the biggest contributors to plastic pollution, it is also one of the easiest issues to remedy – at least when it comes to stopping the pollution. Cleaning up what is already there is another topic for discussion. Glass Dharma’s focus is on drinking straws.

Glass Dharma Glass Drinking Straws

I have been enjoying my Glass Dharma Glass Straws! Not only are they an earth-friendly solution to plastic straws, they do not leach toxins into your drinks. They are much prettier than a plastic straw! Cleaning your glass straws is a breeze with the handy brush tool and, of course, they are dishwasher safe!


The glass drinking straws from Glass Dharma come in several styles and different diameters for ease of use with different beverages and glass sizes. They are terrific with tea, smoothies, juice, even coffee!


Glass Dharma glass straws are made right here in the USA and come with an amazing 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If they don’t meet your expectations, just return them for a full refund.

Where can you find the beautiful Glass Dharma Glass Straws?

Simply visit the Glass Dharma website to view and place your order. Or, use their handy store locator tool to find a store location near you! Why not encourage family and friends to be eco-friendly by gifting them a set or two of the beautiful glass straws? It is a simple first step and by working together, we can lessen the impact of plastic straws on our landfills.

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24 thoughts on “Beautiful, Eco-Friendly Glass Drinking Straws from Glass Dharma

  • I have never had one of the angled ones, that’s what I might buy.

  • I like the different styles and shapes of these straws. They are terrific to use.

  • There’s a special page on their site where you can order straws that fit in the holes of Starbucks lids. That I want.

  • My nearest store is 277 miles away. I’ll stick with buying on the internet.

  • I think these glass straws are wonderful. I never thought of the idea of using glass straws.

  • I do think these glass straws do add a touch of elegance! I am also trying to stay away from plastic products.

  • These look like they’d be awesome for iced coffee

  • I really like the wonderful eco-friendly products that Glass Dharma makes.

  • I do like that there are different types and sizes of these glass straws.

  • I like the ones with the dots to keep them from rolling off of the table.

  • I bet these stay clean, and more bacteria free than a plastic version would

  • I really like using Eco-Friendly products. These Glass Drinking Straws are a wonderful idea!

  • These sound cool! I’d love to have some 🙂

  • I love these. Plastic straws are banned from my house!

  • The ice tea straw would be a hit in my home since everyone loves iced tea.

  • I really like the idea reusing these, saves money

  • These are lovely and useful glass straws to use.

  • I like the idea of these glass straws.

  • These straws are terrific and wonderful that we can reuse them many times.

  • There is a store close by like within less than 10 miles. This would be a great idea to have around

  • I think these glass straws are wonderful. My daughter loves them for her smoothies and they are so easy to clean.

  • I never thought of the idea of using glass straws. That is so clever and earth friendly

  • My nearest store is 17 miles away.

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