Benefits of Shopping at Puppy Store NYC

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Shopping at Puppy Store NYC is better than going to other shady, untrustworthy puppy stores. Local stores are often well-connected to the community, so they not only have good relationship between the pets they sell, but they also understand the needs of the people that seek them out.  

Below are some good reasons why it makes sense to stop by your local puppy store, like Puppy Store NYC.

  1. Puppies are treated like family

Any pet owner would tell you that they treat their pets as family. You’d normally hear dog or cat owners refer to their pets as their “children”. This is because pets and their owners have a special bond and love for each other. Pets give happiness and warmth to their owner’s lives, so it is understandable how many owners want to give their pets the world.

Many puppy stores hold the same regard for the puppies they put up for sale or adoption. Not only do they make sure that their puppies are well-cared for, they also make sure they eat well, and are comfortable in the environment they’re in. The result? High quality, healthy, well-behaved puppies.

  1. A wide variety of choices

Many people worry that the puppies offered at puppy stores won’t be as good as the ones offered by independent breeders. But it’s actually the opposite! Puppy stores have different puppy and dog breeds up for sale (and adoption!), and many of them come from reputable breeders and pedigrees.

You’re also more likely to find a hard-to-find dog breed at a puppy store, including the ones that are grown abroad or those with specific climate or temperature requirements, such as Huskies or Shiba Inus.

Puppy stores also sell items that you don’t even know your puppy need, such as:

  • Puppy selfie sticks
  • Puppy/doggy booster seats
  • Non-addictive dog catnip like Doggijuana
  • Bulk treat bars
  • And more

Puppy stores are also more accommodating when it comes to product selection for puppies. Puppy Store NYC, for example, is always working towards improving their offering, so if there’s something their clients need, they’re willing to supply them any time.

  1. Top-notch Customer Service

Well-established puppy stores are able to stay on top for years not only because of the quality of pets they sell but also for their incredible customer service. Local puppy stores love to help the people in their community get matched to the right puppy for them. They also educate new puppy owners on how they can give proper care for their pets like it’s their own children, and they do all they can to provide the best customer service possible.

This also means that they are able to address any issues and provide answers to all your questions regarding the puppy, products, food, and pet care they need. Are you a new puppy parent that has no idea on how to welcome and care for your new puppy? Don’t worry, puppy store staff is always happy to help you with that!

Why choose Puppy Store NYC?

Although many pet stores are a convenient option for impulse buyers, puppy stores like Puppy Store NYC are great for those that want to be responsible and ethical puppy owners. Many puppy stores work together with private breeders to produce healthy, well-socialized, and well-tempered puppies that are up to standard.

Buying a puppy from a trusted puppy store is a good decision. Below are some advantages you should take note of when shopping at a puppy store:

They Have Better Knowledge of Specific Puppy Breeds

When you buy a puppy from a reputable puppy store, you become educated on practically everything you need to know about the breed of puppy you’re getting. In fact, the puppy store staff will often consult and guide you on the breed that suits you based on your expectations, your lifestyle and family arrangement.

Knowledge and information on a specific puppy breed matters because it helps you understand the temperament and behavior of the dog you’re getting. This means that you’ll know how your puppy will behave and you’ll know how to handle it accordingly.

Puppy NYC staff will not suggest or force you to buy a particular puppy breed without educating you on it first.

You’ll Know Where the Puppy is From

One of the biggest advantages to buying from a trusted puppy store is that you’ll know where the puppy is from. More often than not, most puppy stores source their puppies from reputable breeders, so if you ever have questions about the puppy’s mother and father, they’ll be able to provide answers to that. They’ll also be able to provide information on the puppy’s health history.

They Guarantee the Health of The Puppy

When you buy a puppy from a trusted puppy store, you not only make sure you’re getting a healthy puppy, but one that comes with a health guarantee! This is because many pet stores do have genuine concern for their puppy’s health, hence the offer of a health guarantee.

It should be noted that the terms of a health guarantee differ depending on the pet store, so make sure you ask questions regarding the specifics.

You Get a Well-socialized Puppy

Puppies raised by responsible, well-trusted puppy store staff grow up to be well-socialized. These puppies understand the concept of living in a home. This means there will be little to zero chances of the puppy acting or behaving awkwardly once you bring them home. The puppy is naturally friendly and affectionate towards everyone—even kids! They are also trained to not be scared around strangers or sudden noises, and so on.

Specific Needs

Oftentimes, we buy a puppy so we can get a specific type of dog (be it a working dog or a specific breed of dog). For example, if you want to get a teacup size puppy, the only way to get it is to get in touch with a puppy store that specifically sells teacup or pocket-sized dog breeds.

There are also situations where you want to show off your puppy by making them participate in beauty competitions. You’d need to provide documents such as a pedigree certification in order to join such competitions. A responsible and trustworthy puppy store can provide you with such documents.

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