Best Treatment Solution For Male Pattern Baldness

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We lose hair all the time, and it’s not a big deal. But for some people who tend to shed a lot more than they should be, losing hair has been a big problem for them. Also, due to the society’s view of what is beautiful and what’s not, makes it extra troublesome for them. The image of having healthy, shiny and flowing hair just adds extra appeal to a person. People who suffer from excessive hair loss may experience baldness, which is common to again men and women. But, even at a young age, people can experience baldness or hair loss. And this is due to many reasons like stress, age, and genetics.Good thing there are treatments around the world that can effectively improve hair loss. Hair restorations are usually taken care of by professionals. There are also home remedies for reducing hair loss, and it’s all on you how you’re going to carry out these home remedies. If these home remedies do not work or do not achieve your desired results, a hair transplant is the best solution. You can learn more about hair transplant in Singapore here.

Treatment Solutions

While you can’t always prevent your hair from shedding excessively, there are tons of medical and home remedies that may slow down its chances. Before heading out to buy supplements or other hair products that you see in advertisements, you should first learn which ones are proven to be effective and safe, especially for your scalp. Also, you can ask your doctor if such products are safe for you. Here are some of the hair loss treatments you can ask your doctor.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant can only be done by a professional in their clinic. The only way to do this is to go through surgery, which makes it quite expensive. There are several kinds of hair transplant, and the two most popular procedures are follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplantation.

Follicular Unit Extraction involves removing hair follicles from the scalp and transferring them to the bald parts of the scalp. Follicular Unit Transplantation, on the other hand, involves removing some skin from the back of the scalp that has an abundance of hair. This procedure is done by removing follicles from the chosen strip of skin then reinserting the hair follicles into the bald spot of the scalp.

Take note that the treatment may come with certain risks such as scarring and infection. Also, to get the desired results, you may need to take multiple sessions of hair transplant treatments.

Over-The-Counter Drugs

There are two drugs that have been approved by the US FDA to treat male pattern baldness: Finasteride (Propecia, Proscar) and Minoxidil (Rogaine). Finasteride can only be availed by presenting a prescription from a professional doctor. It is a pill that you should take daily for effective results. Minoxidil can be availed over-the-counter (OTC), and it comes in a liquid or foam form. This product is to be applied on the scalp twice a day to encourage hair growth and prevent hair loss.

Both Finasteride and Minoxidil may take a long time until results will start showing. If you don’t want to spend too much on hair loss treatments, you’ll need to learn how to be patient if you consider using OTC drugs. Use the products to maintain their benefits continuously. If you become addicted, here is some good info on meth withdraw treatment.

Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Chances of Hair Loss

There are ways you can do to prevent or at least slow down the process of hair loss as you age. Here are some of the best tips doctors highly recommend:

Have a balanced diet

A balanced diet not only keeps your body in shape and your skin looking young, but it can also keep your hair strong and shiny. Consider adding vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, whole grains, and unsaturated fats in your diet, and you’re on your way to a healthy lifestyle. Also reduce consuming junk foods like chips, processed foods, sodas, and candies. These types of foods do not contain any nutrients, and if they do, only a small amount. Below are some of the foods to include in your diet:

  • Foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids – can be obtained from mackerel, egg yolks, salmon, walnuts, and tuna.
  • Foods that contain high protein – Seafood, eggs, and lean meats
  • Foods that are rich in iron – beans, iron-fortified grains, green leafy vegetables, eggs, and lean beef.

Reduce stress

Stress can do so much damage to our body without us even noticing it. When we constantly get stressed, our skin gets dry, and our hair tends to shed excessively. This can lead to hair loss or male pattern baldness. Stress can be unavoidable, especially if you for almost every day in a stressful environment. Good thing there are ways you can relieve stress. Below are some tips to reduce stress:

  • Create a playlist and listen to music
  • Practice proper meditation
  • Exercise regularly (Walking, Jogging, Biking)
  • Do yoga
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