Celebrate Earth Day with Entenmann’s ~~ Learn more about how to Recycle, Reuse, Replenish and win an Entenmann’s Prize Pack

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I have been a long-time consumer of Entenmann’s Little Bites.  Their tasty mini-muffins and brownies are one of my favorite treats to pack in my lunch, as well as my kids.


This year Entenmann’s has partnered with TerraCycle to help bring awareness and ideas on how to do your part for the world this Earth Day (April 22, 2014) and even learn how Entenmann’s packages are turned into really neat reusable lunch bags.

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Little Bites joins an established national TerraCycle Brigade recycling initiative that currently has 38.5 million participants in the US, and has paid out $6 million to charitable organizations and schools for waste collected through its Brigades programs to date. The company has collected over 2.6 billion pieces of garbage, recycling all different types of waste from used drink pouches to tooth brushes to water filters. Imagine what the environmental impact would be like if individuals will visit this site and learn to recycle waste. Motherland will definitely be happy.

Entenmann’s Bakery, a division of Bimbo Bakeries USA (BBU), has partnered with TerraCycle, an international leader in the collection and reuse of non-recyclable post-consumer waste, to launch the first-ever Little Bites “Recycle…Reuse… Replenish” Fully Recyclable Lunch Earth Day awareness campaign and sweepstakes.

The Little Bites “Recycle…Reuse…Replenish” campaign is aimed to educate consumers on how to recycle Little Bites Pouches and turn trash into cash for schools through the point redemption process.  The unique partnership with TerraCycle demonstrates Entenmann’s dedication to recycling and reducing the amount of Entenmann’s Little Bites pouches that end up in landfills each year. The recycling and upcycling experts at TerraCycle are committed to creating new lives for Entenmann’s Little Bites pouches by taking the used packaging and turning it into innovative new products, while awarding points for schools that can be redeemed as cash for every Little Bites pouch received.

Click this link to Visit the Little Bites Pouch Brigade Page on the TerraCycle website.


Little Bites “Recycle…Reuse…Replenish” Fully Recyclable Lunch Tips:

Check-it: look for numbers and recycling symbols on plastics to know what types get reused.  Not sure what to do with your Little Bites pouches?  Now you can recycle them with the TerraCycle program and sign up for your school if they are not already. Check out what other lunch items TerraCycle recycles.

Put your sandwich in reusable lunchbox container to take home and use over again.  Before you toss anything away, stop to think about ways you might be able to use it again. TerraCycle’s team of designers makes products out of wrappers and packaging. Check out more ideas.
Lunch Sack & Pouch
Have any leftovers from lunch? Before you throw away, make sure to check out what biodegradable foods can be brought back home to be added to a compost pile.  Make a compost at home! Be sure to include the three basic ingredients: Browns (dead leaves, branches, twigs, cardboard, newspaper), Greens (grass clippings, vegetable waste, fruit scraps, coffee grounds) and Water to make an effective outdoor composting area. Check out more info from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

 Little Bites Recycle Triangle

Starting on March 1st, Entenmann’s will be rewarding lucky winners with an assortment of weekly prizes including Little Bites coupons, upcycled Little Bites-branded Lunch Sacks made by TerraCycle, $25 Home Depot Gift cards to start an Earth Day garden and a $5,000 cash grand prize through a sweepstakes link on the Entenmann’s Facebook page.  All entries must be received by 11:59: p.m. ET April 30, 2014. Official Rules can be found on their website.Entenmanns Prize PackOne lucky fan will have the chance to win this amazing prize pack that includes:

  • Four Entenmann’s Freebie Coupons ($5Value each)
  • $25 Home Improvement Gift Card
  • Little Bites Recycled Lunch Sack by TerraCycle ($15.00 Value)


This giveaway is open to US Residents, ages 18+  years of age.  Simply follow the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to enter and win.  Limited to one entrant per household.  This giveaway ends on 04/14/14.  Good Luck.

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166 thoughts on “Celebrate Earth Day with Entenmann’s ~~ Learn more about how to Recycle, Reuse, Replenish and win an Entenmann’s Prize Pack

  • Thank you for hosting giveaway. I am so excited waiting for my prize pack.

  • recycle and reuse

  • plant my graden

  • I recycle everything possible, thanks!

  • we recycle and buy green products whenever possible

  • I recycle everything I can. I reuse food containers as much as possible.

  • we recycle as much as we can and grow a vegie garden and can.

  • I recycle and we grow a large garden

  • I love thrifting, and hardly buy anything new!!

  • I love thrifting, and hardly buy anything new. This way, things that still have life in them stay out of the landfills!

  • I recycle and use organic cleaners and detergents.

  • My church always uses juice pouches for sundae school so I use the pouches to make pocket books or wallets.

  • I recycle all cans,cardboard boxes,and plastic bottles.

  • We bring recyclable items (cans, bottles, newspapers, cardboard boxes, tires, etc.) to our town recycle center, run full loads in washer & hang clothes outdoors to dry, use canvas reusable shopping bags and use plates and cloth napkins instead of paper ones. We also collect rainwater for our garden.

  • we recycle anything and everything for crafts, class projects and for organization helpers!

  • I’ve recently started using natural cleaning products.

  • I try to use everything and not throw things away or I recycle what I can.

  • We recycle anything possible out of the trash. I use newspapers in the garden for weed control, coffee grounds and any thing that can be composted.

  • I have a garden and chickens!

  • I collect & reuse rain water and compost , making my own mulch!

  • I reuse plastic bags and I recycle just about everything possible!

  • We buy products made from sustainable resources.

  • We do our yearly Earth Day Beach Clean up…love it…also many things through out the year..recycle, upcycle..plant garden spring/fall..many things.

  • I like to reuse items whenever I can. This year I did winter sowing in used plastic soda bottles and water jugs.

  • I try to do everything electronically (even at work) and very rarely print anything.
    I also try to purchase products that don’t have excess packaging.

  • I repurpose and donate materials I am no longer using. I also try to recycle as much as possible

  • I reuse grocery bags..

  • hang clothes out to dry, wash in cold water, reuse waterbottles

  • we use reusable containers, take our own water & compost

  • We plant trees.

  • we recycle, paper, cardboard,and glass. we collect rainwater for all of our outside watering needs.

  • We recycle all paper and plastic items!

  • We recycle everything we can, and I love to use Freecycle to let people have what I would only get rid of.

  • We recycle everything that we, papers, plastics, aluminum. Also like to repurpose and upcycle old stuff.

  • We’re making a compost for my flowers and veggies this year.

  • i usually recycle and reuse things. Hate to waist.

  • We recycle everything we possibly can

  • we plant a garden, recycle cans and plastic and reuse newspapers in our garden and for other uses.

  • use mult-iuse cloth bags that I bring with me when I shop

  • We recycle Plastic , Cans and old metal…we have a Garden with fresh Veggies and Fruits..We take shorter showers and only water early mornings. We also started our first compost heap for our Garden this year…Trying harder this year 🙂

  • We reuse what we can to make crafts and recycle when we are finished. we have a recycling bin we fill up weekly and leave by the curb.

  • I collect rain water for watering my plants and garden. And I use reusable bags, reusable water bottles, and recycle whenever I can!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  • I recycle cans

  • We recycle all of or refuse. I also upcycle clothing and try to find different uses for items rather than tossing. We also do a lot of thrifting rather than new.

  • reuse some clean ziplock bags

  • We recycle, donate items to Goodwill, and we’ve been trying to cut down on the bottled water.

  • I recycle and plant my own garden.

  • I try to always find ways to reuse things instead of putting them in the trash!

  • I recycle bottles.

  • We give stuff we don’t use to charity! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • we turn a lot of our plastics and cardboards into reuseable or sellable crafts.

  • We recycle plastic bottles & newspapers.

  • I recycle some items.

  • We recycle everything

  • recycle paper, glass and plastics

  • We recycle our cans and plastics; our city has a mandatory recycling program 🙂

  • I recycle at home and do it at work.

  • i use recycleable tote bags.

  • We recycle as much as we can.

  • We do a recycling project in our neighborhood.

  • reusable grocery bags

  • We recycle plastic bottles & newspapers.

  • We have a special recycling can next to our garbage can.

  • We like to use reusable shopping bags. We also try not to waste any food. We make a “stone” soup of sorts when we have leftovers, or veggies that are getting older. It is always very interesting and never tastes the same!!

  • dont use paper plates

  • We recycle everything!

  • I have a bin for plastic water bottles,another bin for newspaper

  • Collect all newspapers, plastic, cardboard and take to store recycling site.

  • I donate gently used items to my local Freecycle.

  • I reuse things as much as possible

  • we recycle aluminum cans

  • We recycle cans, bottles, paper and plastic. We use reusable bags at grocery store, we turn all lights off during day, turn air up and use fans.

  • We recycle coffee grounds by adding them to our compost mixture when planting. Plants love the tannic acid.

  • I use reusable tote bags. T hanks so mucu

  • I use reusable tote bags. T hanks

  • We reuse household items into storage containers and other things. We use cloths instead of paper towels when we can. I am trying to get a recycling program started here because our city has none.

  • We recycle as many things as possible, plastic, paper, aluminum. We also plant a few new trees every year in honor of Earth Day :

  • We recycle as much as we can. I give my newspapers to a local pet shop who recycles them. I try to reuse a lot of things.

  • I bring my own bags to the market and throw stuff in the blue trash bin if appropriate.

  • We recycle everything that we can. We put out more to recycle than we put out in the trash.

  • We recycle anything that will recycle, have permanent water bottles and watch our water consumption.

  • We recycle paper and plastic

  • i recycle cans and newspapers.

  • I always recycle and keep appliances and electronics unplugged until use

  • They don’t have plastic bags in stores around here anymore, but I was using reusable bags long before it became mandatory. I also recycle cans, bottles and paper and try to make as little trash as possible.

  • i recycle as much as i can. we have a great recycling program in the city that i live in

  • I re use containers, make planters out of coffee cans, and recycle

  • Our village has given us recycle bins & we recycle everything that is allowed!
    I have used newspapers to wrap presents. I have reused boxes, rubber bands, bread ties, envelopes, anything I can think of that would be useful again. Doing this has even saved me some money!

  • Recycle plastic and paper, we make our own compost with pieces of fruits and veggies

  • We recycle everything we can. If we can re use it, we will do that too.

  • We use soap nuts for laundry, cloth napkins and diapers and recycle

  • Recycle paper,,cans,,,,cardboard,,,,,,,

  • We recycle every day, everything we possibly can, rather than throw it in the garbage.

  • I recycle everything recyclable. It drives me nuts when I go somewhere and see plastic bottles floating in the water.Thank you for the cool giveaway 🙂

  • My city has recycling pick up so we recycle just about everything

  • We recycle and reuse everything that we can around the house.

  • We recycle everything we can at home, and look for products with less packaging.

  • Utilize the recycle bin and recycle cans for scrap metal which is alot of fun for my son to use the can crusher. He switches off his arms to build muscle while deciding what he can buy with the $ from the recycle yard,

  • I recycle paper products, plastics, and glass as much as I can!

  • I do a lot of recycling. The one I do most often is recycle my aluminum and steel cans and drop them off at the recycling plant. I also recycle everything else possible by putting it in the recycle bin.

  • We recycle almost everything, like: paper, paperboard, cans, plastics.

  • We recycle paper, plastics, glass and metal every week.

  • I recycle my plastic bottles.

  • we recycle paper.

  • We recycle paper. plastic, glass and metals. I use re usable grocery bags too.

  • I use reusable grocery bags.

  • We recycle out plastic, paper, cans and anything else we can find

  • we reduce by unplugging everything we use after we are done with it, its amazing it actually has cut our costs a ton, we recycle now for just over a year, its fun for the kids and I to work together and make a project of it. if we get newspaper we use it for tons of different things instead of throwing it away. we are trying

  • we always recycle in our house and try our best to not use many plastic forks/spoons/plates

  • We recycle all of our drink pouches into crafts!

  • We recycle our aluminum cans and plastics (bring them to a recycling center), we reuse some of our milk jugs to make it into our water container and I make sure the lights are turned off if no one is there. 🙂

  • Should say sort!

  • We teach our children to recycle and dort trash.

  • We teach our children about recycling.

  • we recycle EVERYTHING!!! even if we are out we will bring home anything that can be recycled

  • I don’t buy paper towels or paper napkins! I use cloth.

  • We recycle everything that we can! I also bought a zen water system that turns tap water into mineral water so we don’t have to buy bottled water anymore. and it is healther, too!

  • We do whatever we can! I especially look for ways to reuse or upcycle items we would otherwise throw out.

  • We recycle what we can and reuse or donate old clothing.

  • I reuse old jam jars and pasta sauce jars as storage containers. Great way to reuse and save money!

  • I recycle everything I can.

  • We recycle everything from cardboard boxes, newspapers, milk jugs, cans, phonebooks, egg cartons to batteries. We have more recycling than trash and they pick up every Thursday.

  • I try to be a skilled dumpster diver and reuse recreate re imagine things that other people throw out, Handbags out of old neckties, rugs out of old t shirts and so on

  • We recycle glass, plastic, metal and cardboard.

  • We really try to limit the amount of packaging we acquire; and when we do have excess we recycle it. We do what we can!

  • I reuse glass jars. Try to stay away from plastic bags and bring my own bag to the grocery store.

  • Use returnable bottles & cans. Usually bring used clothing & such to St. Vincent de Paul shop for reuse.

  • I reuse the same water bottle multiple times and then recycle it.

  • We always recycle cans, bottles and paper. I also try to use cloth bags when I go to the store. Thanks for the chance

  • W e recycle everything that we can,we compost,we recycle our clothes,etc

  • I recycle, I compost my leftovers and I use a rainbarrel to water all my plants

  • We recycle almost everything, compost what we can and try to buy local for most food items.

  • I reuse what I can and grow my own vegetables.

  • We recycle everyday in our home and we collect all the aluminum cans and bring them up to the recycle center once a year in the spring.

  • My family and I recycle everyday! Newspapers,magazine,bottles,plastic, cardboard,aluminum foil, anything and everything that we can 🙂

  • we recycle daily, we reuse a lot of things and we teach our younger generation to help replenish by planting trees and growing a garden

  • We recycle all of our bottles, cans and glass!

  • I try to reuse the stuff I already have instead of buying more

  • I teach my kids how to recycle everyday. We save our cans and bottles and seperste the cardboard. We cash in on recycling the cans and bottles ….they have fun doing it and take it very seriously!

  • We recycle our paper, plastic & glass!

  • I’m forever turning lights out and utilizing candles. It’s a great mood relaxer as well.

  • I take our used clothes to the resale store in town

  • Well I recycle everything I can and I make crafts from recycled materials.

  • We recycle everything in our house and reuse as much as possible. My favorite is the fabric bags we use for snacks at school instead of plastic baggies.

  • We reuse anything that we can, buy things with less packaging, recycle everything we can and compost.

  • use plastic as shopping bags as trash bags and recycling bags

  • Cardboard paper and cans! I take them to my kids school to help the landfill and the school! Cant beat that!

  • We do a lot! I only use reusable grocery bags. We use cloth napkins! I make my own laundry detergent, cutting down on plastic jugs. We recycle aluminum cans and newspaper, but I save the comics to use as wrapping paper. Carpool!! We pass down our outgrown clothing. I buy food in bulk and store smaller amounts in mason jars. Whew. I can’t think of what else we do, but I’m sure I’ll remember as soon as I post this comment.

  • I help clean trash around the neighborhood on earth day each year we all volunteer.

  • Recycle Weekly

  • I have a rain Barrel so I reuse our water and recycle it also.

  • I recycle. I have reduced my garbage by 3 bags a week! Thanks

  • I stopped using paper towels, we recycle cans, bottles and newspaper, hang many of our clothes on a line after 15 minutes in the dryer and donate all of our items we no longer want to a repurpose warehouse.

  • For me, it starts with careful shopping and not bringing more wasteful packaging into the house than I absolutely have to.

  • We recycle pretty much anything that is possible – everyday. We also use refillable cups/waterbottles and try to stay as green as we can. My mom taught me well. 🙂

  • just recycle.. should do more

  • I recycle everything I can and use reusable lunch cases instead of bags when I pack my kid’s lunches.

  • Educate young children on the importance of recycling as well as limit water and light use

  • I recycle, in our community recycling program, Plant a tree every year.

  • i recycle my cans and bottles

  • We recycle our plastics

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