Choosing The Right Horse Riding Boot: Tips To Consider

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A sturdy pair of boots is an integral part of a horse riding kit. Not only will these boots protect the feet and lower legs, but will also add an element of style to the rider’s overall personality.  Some riders hit the saddle while wearing sport shoes. You just cannot be doing this. Veteran horse owners know that it’s a big blunder.

Riding boots come in various hues and sizes. Conventional riders prefer classical leather boots. These boots are preferred because of their traditional look and feel. Jodhpur boots happen to be a popular option for riders. These boots are known for their ability to bear the rigours of everyday use.Source

While choosing a pair of country boots for yourself, you need to be careful. Buying riding boots isn’t all that easy. If you’re a first-time buyer, then you’ll have to undertake some research before going out and hitting the marketplace. A wide range of choices is bound to make life difficult for you.

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Here are a few tips you can consider before buying

1. Comfort is of utmost importance:  A comfortable boot makes a rider’s life easy. Before buying the boot, it is important for you to ensure that the pair is comfortable. You can try wearing the boot once or twice. You should be able to wear and remove the boot with ease. Make sure that your boot isn’t excessively tight. Tight boots tend to restrict a rider’s feet movement.

2. Size of the boots matters: This one’s the most important factor. You won’t buy a riding boot if it does not fit, would you? If you are planning to buy a brand new pair of riding boots, then it is advisable to take the old pair along. Different boots have different sizes. No two sizes are exactly the same. Taking your old set of boots along will help you keep track of the size. Also, lighter boots will come in handy while riding a horse. These won’t get stuck in the saddle.

  1. The material used: While looking for a sturdy pair of boots, make sure that the material used while manufacturing the boot is tough enough to go the distance. Leather boots are preferred by conventional riders. These boots require a considerable amount of care. Such boots need to be kept away from water. Leather tends to get damaged after coming in contact with water. You can opt for boots made using synthetic fibres if you don’t want to go with the conventional option.
  2. Heels: This one is for the ladies. Heels are just awesome, but can prove to be extremely uncomfortable at times. While searching for an ideal pair of boots for yourself, it is advisable to go for boots having low heels. Try a wide range of boots before shortlisting the favourites. Do not buy a pair if it’s not comfortable. You can buy your boots from an outlet that accepts easy returns.
  3. Walk around: After buying a pair of boots, you can just wear them and walk around before hitting the saddle. It is essential to get used to the boots you are wearing. Initially, the new pair can feel a bit uncomfortable, but once you start wearing it regularly, your feet will come to terms with it.

So, that’s pretty much everything you need to know before you go out to buy a new pair of riding boots. Additionally, buying the cheapest pair of boots isn’t always a great idea. Buying a cheap pair of sub-standard boots can cost a lot of money in the long run.

Happy Shopping, Folks!

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