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Creation Crate – Building the Makers of Tomorrow!

You may be like me and wondering – Just what exactly is a Creation Crate!  After receiving a crate and my moody 14 (who is getting increasingly harder to please, ahem) falling head over heels in love – I feel like I can say: Creation Crate is box packed full of Magic!  Well, maybe not magic, but it’s full of thought provoking, skill building FUN!

About Creation Crate:

It’s predicted that within 20 years, we could see unemployment rates reach 12-15% from job automation.

However, in 2020 there will be an estimated 1.4 million computer specialist jobs unfilled due to a lack of programmers.

Creation Crate’s goal is to fill almost a quarter of the technology employment gap and have over 250,000 students in our curriculum, proficient in the language of technology.

Creation Crate fills this education void by offering a teacher endorsed hands on project curriculum that can be completed from home or in a classroom with other students.

How?  Creation Crate.  How did you know that this was the PERFECT project for my “moody” 14 year old?!?  It’s impossible to be mad or sad or confused or … so many teenage moods … when you’re room is being lit with a lamp that you created!  My teenager has always loved technology and crafts.  The Creation Crate has taken both of his “first loves” and combined it into one fantastic box!

Creation Crate

About the Mood Lamp:

It was simple to assemble (as long as you follow the enclosed directions!).  We loved that there is a section of the book that shows the common errors… we may or may not have made a few 🙂 .  The assembly is really broken down into two steps: Building it and then programming it!  Well, three actually, build it, program it, and sit back and relax to the soothing colors!

Go HERE and order yours today!

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  1. This looks like a fun box! My younger brothers would love it – thanks for the review!


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