Finding the Best Shocks for a Wrangler Jeep

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The latest Wranglers certainly give you a bit smoother as compared to the older TJ or YJ. But, the dependable axle vehicle still transfers much of the force from all the possible bumps and pothole-dips right down into your seat. This certainly doesn’t mean you have to put up with the overall ragged ride quality. The considerable part of any ride is the type of shocks it utilises when moving. Followings are some facts you must know about the shock-absorbing mechanism.

Shock Absorbers Are One of the Most Integral Components of a Vehicle’s Suspension System.

In a Jeep, shocks diminish and alter energy from axle movement into the heat, and the better that process is, the better your handling and ride quality are.

While there are dozens of different shock types in the market to choose from — they all fall into a few popular categories: monotube, remote reservoir, twin-tube and coil overs. If you are new to the Jeep mania, choosing the perfect type of shocks from all these options can be a bit of a challenge. You have to keep in mind what your driving style is, where will you be driving, and how much mileage do you have to continue as a standard requirement for your vehicle.

Twin-tube Shocks

These shocks consist of two tubes, or main chambers, that engage either fluid or gas to help reduce vibrations during the driving process. These shocks are available in a few kinds.

Better Shock Absorption—Quadratic 7.0 use an internal hydraulic fluid that can travel from a working chamber into the outer chamber via valves to provide a moderately better ride than factory shocks.


Better rides—the quadratic 8.0 series shock, uses 150 psi of nitrogen to instigate better handling. This method allows for a more instant response to changing driving conditions while providing a better ride.

Affordability—twin tube shocks tend to be the most affordable shocks out there, but that lower price is tempered by its limitations.

Poor heat dispersion—Twin tube shocks do not dissipate heat very well and tend to have issues under higher stress, so usually, these shocks are best for those who use their Jeep as mainly a daily driver.

Monotube Shocks

These tend to be the most popular shocks on the market these days.

Affordability—These shocks are still generally affordable, yet offer a superior ride; gratitudes to the higher pressure rating and cooler operating temperature system of the shocks.

Vibration Reduction—Monotube shocks utilize a single valve mechanism that helps regulate internal nitrogen gas and apply pressure equally — giving you a much better vibration reduction. Any king coilovers love this type of shocks for the same reason.

Better Handling—For daily drivers, this means your Jeep will have noticeably improved handling and a smoother ride over factory shocks, while off-road riders gain a blow that can successfully deal with the added stress trail driving brings

Remote Reservoir Shocks

Tread Anwhere—This style of shock allows you to confidently explore more extreme-type terrain for longer without the shock experiencing overheating.

High Price—These  shocks lie at the higher end of the price scale.

Additional fluid capacity—The remote reservoir is designed for additional fluid capacity, which helps keep the shock cooler. This, in turn, keeps it functioning at a high level during even the most stringent off-road conditions.

Best longer travel to remote destinations—These shocks are the best for the over-landing crowd. If you travel to remote destinations and more extended endpoints, remote reservoirs are the best for your jeep. Driving over different conditions having altered all terrain tires and rims with washboard trails, extreme altitude changes, or off-camber angles becomes relatively easy and adventurous with these shocks.

Best for heat minimization—Other styles of shocks may not be the best choice here because of their incapability to incorporate heat.

Coil-Over Shock

Racer’s Dream—this type is a dual shock setup which is extremely useful if you race your Jeep at higher speeds in off-road competitions. Similarly, if you are looking for the custom valving-system in your shocks, this is the best choice of shocks for you.

This Is Not For Daily Driving Routine—Weld  on the custom brackets and mount the coil covers. This step will give you the best possible ride. However, it is also something really designed for a particular section outside the typical daily driver.

In short, it is up to you to decide which shocks are best for your application, driving style and budget.

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