Decreasing Toxic Smells in New Recreational Vehicles

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Have you recently bought a new recreation vehicle and noticed a smell that’s coming from the inside of your vehicle each time you open the door? Or perhaps you already have a recreational vehicle which is causing your nose to sting, your eyes to water, and gives you a migraine each time you get into it? Usually the smells you take in and your body’s reactions are caused from varying amounts of formaldehyde and additional chemicals that are found in the glue, particle board, and additional synthetic materials which are utilized to construct the RV.

No one likes to feel this way as a result of chemicals, which is why it’s important to find a method to lessen the toxicity for a healthier you. If you invest in a quality trailer from Heartland Sundance for example, you may not experience chemical smells. However, if you would like to decrease the smell of the chemicals, here are 3 methods to do so.

Wash All the Floors and Walls

A simple neutralizing agent which is useful includes white vinegar combined with water. Make certain that you wash down all of the cabinets outside and inside. You potentially will smell a toxic odor while you open the cabinets unless you own solid wood cabinets. If the cabinets are solid wood, do not wash them.

Decrease Toxicity from Synthetic Fabrics

If you have fabrics opposed to leather, utilize a steam cleaner in order to clean all of the fabric inside the travel trailer. Be cautious that you not shrink or damage any fabrics. Utilize fabric cleaner that comes from a company which specializes in non-toxic cleaners for sensitive individuals. After drying and cleaning, spray a thin mist of Safe Seal furniture sealer that you can find from a similar or the same company. Allow it to thoroughly dry.

Also, for carpeted floors, try steam cleaning your carpet using Safe Carpet cleaner and then apply the Safe Seal prior to drying. It can help immensely with new carpet smells.

Place a Dehumidifier inside the Recreational Vehicle

A dehumidifier can absorb all of the moisture inside the RV within 24 hours and leave the travel trailer fully dry.

If you follow this routine, you should notice improvements and not smell nearly as many chemicals as you have in the past. Keep in mind that as your RV has more mileage and gets older you may continue to have smells. You can repeat these techniques if you still experience issues.

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