Dreft Baby Care Products good for Babies Skin & Giveaway (Ends 05/14) #DreftSpring

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Spring is here, temperatures are on the rise and after a long winter indoors, parents and little ones are spending more and more time outside. Babies skin changes faster than the seasons do and with that, the need for good detergent to protect and care for their skin is vital!
Brooklyn Bamboo Snuggle Blanket -03Keeping clothes, swaddling blankets and more are important. Dreft is the leading brand of baby care products that help keep their clothes soft and clean, making them gentler on babies skin.

Did you know that some fragrances can really bother and irritate babies skin? Using products that are hypoallergenic (like Dreft) are gentle and specially formulated to be gentle on their skin.

Not sure what “Hypoallergenic” truly means? According to Dr. Dyan Hes, it typically means that a product is less likely to cause skin irritations or any allergic reactions to the ingredients in the product. Dreft is hypoallergenic and has been proven so time and again with extensive clinical testing.Dreft

Cleaning clothes in a clean, gentle formulated, hypoallergenic product is one way to care for their skin. Dreft has a full line of products for the various stages of babies growth. Dreft is recommended by doctors. It has been a trusted brand for over 80 years and comes in that delightful, fresh “baby” scent moms and dads everywhere love most.
Dreft -01

Catherine Giudici Lowe and her husband, Chad Lowe are expecting soon and recently attended their Dreft sponsored baby shower in NYC. They have shared their #Amazinghood journey with Dreft and are excited to have such a great product to care for their baby’s clothes and linens during the Spring and Summer months.Amazinghood

Some tips to keep your baby protected this spring would be to include a good protective sunscreen on your baby. If your baby is younger that six months, keep them shaded from the strong sun rays, this will protect their skin from allergens and irritations.

Another way to protect their skin is keeping them indoors or away from the suns harsh rays during the hottest time of day – 10am-4pm. this will help reduce triggers that irriate eczem and other skin flare ups.

You can learn more about Dreft products, and some great tips from Dr. Hes and have the chance to win some amazing Dreft products and other prizes. Join us on Monday, May 9th from 9-10pmEST as Dreft hosts a Twitter Party with pediatrician and mom, Dr. Dyan Hes. Dr. Hes will be sharing her tips to ensure your baby is protected and comfortable during the Spring allergy season.   RSVP HERE to join.

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Dreft Prize Pack

Whether you have a little one, or know someone who has one, Dreft is the perfect product to care for all babies clothes. Here is your chance to win an awesome prize pack from Dreft. Prize Pack includes:

  • Stage 1: Newborn Dreft Liquid Detergent (64 oz. bottle)
  • Stage2: Active Baby Liquid Detergent (64 oz. bottle)
  • Dreft Blissfuls In-Wash Scent Booster
  • Brooklyn Bamboo Hypoallergenic Snuggle Blanket

For more tips on Dreft, be sure to read Kristin’s review. This Giveaway is open to US Residents, ages 18+ years of age (limited to one entrant per household).

The giveaway ends May 14, 2016 at 11:59pm EST.

Simply follow the Rafflecopter entry form below for your chance to win. Be sure to return tomorrow to complete the daily entries! Good Luck!

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84 thoughts on “Dreft Baby Care Products good for Babies Skin & Giveaway (Ends 05/14) #DreftSpring

  • Well, we use mostly organic sunscreen and such. Cloth diapers are another thing we switch to to protect their precious baby skin! I used Dreft with both my kids, now with baby #3 on the way, I would love to use it with that one, too!

  • We use hats, sunscreen, long sleeves and shade outside.

  • Swim Zip is a super product for keeping UV rays from touching sensitive baby skin while outdoors. Thank goodness we have baby sunscreen lotion now too. Good ol zinc oxide still works well right out of the tube.

  • sunscreen and hat

  • they wear hats, use sunscreen and dreft for everything. it’s always been awesome.

  • I keep them covered when out in the sun and use sunscreen. For allergens I clean the rugs, vacuum and dust regularly. I also use products that are baby safe and gentle on skin.

  • All natural sunscreen

  • hats, long sleeves & sunscreen for protection from the sun. as for allergies, keep them inside when the pollen counts are high and try to keep the house as dust free as possible

  • we use hats and sunscreen to protect them from the sun. as for allergies, stay inside when the pollen count is high and keep the house as dust free as possible

  • I don’t do much for allergins but I use sunblock and clothing for the sun.

  • I made sure they stayed out of the sun during the peak ozone hours and kept sunscreen on them the other times.

  • Keep them indoors or in the shade outside.

  • I use sunscreen for all of my kids and a hat is good too !

  • I make sure to protect them by not only using products that may have been recommended from the Dr but I also have been using essential oil, I also make sure that they have proper clothing and foot wear

  • Keep the house as clean as possible, wash the babies bedding and toys often. Keep the baby well covered up in the sun with hats and light baby sun block.

  • We use Dreft on all three of our kiddos clothes and I also have them wear sun hats.

  • We use sunscreen and a hat. That works great.

  • I use Draft for all 3 of my littles, I love the sweet baby smell and it’s the only one that works with their sensitive skin. 🙂 I protect them from the sun with plenty of sunblock and UVA blocking swimwear.

    • Dreft* sorry, auto correct!

  • I read labels, and make sure there’s not harmful chemicals, I try to air out my home but not on high pollen days, and we wash everything with Dreft! Everyday I use spf on their little faces and any exposed parts of the body to protect from the sun and try to keep them inside on the hottest parts of the day.

  • Eco and allergen friendly products all the way – and since my dad passed from malignant melanoma (skin cancer) a high spf sun block is a MUST.

  • gentle sunscreen, dreft, keep them hydrated

  • We use suncreen also and try to avoid going out too much when allergens are high. They bother me the most.

  • I will be using lots of sunscreen, hats, and shades.

  • We use long sleeves for the sun and bugs.

  • We use sunblock while out in the sun and I try to keep everything dust free and wash our bedding often.

  • sunscreen and we only use certain skincare products

  • We use sunscreen on the kids every day, even if they’re only going to be outside a few minutes.

  • Took my daughter to the doctor for weekly allergy shots

  • we use sunscreen and scentless, green and earth friendly products

  • put on sunscreen

  • We use hats and sunscreen even when it is cloudy.

  • I used lots of sunscreen/sunblock. My kids eat lots of yogurts for Probiotic and they wear spf clothing too.

  • I make sure I dust regularly and use plenty of sunscreen when we’re outside!

  • I put sunscreen on my grandkids and keep a hat on them. We play in the shade, if that’s an option and hydrate regularly!

  • We uses sunscreen, try to stay in the shade, and out of thestrongest sun of the day

  • I use sunscreen and a hat.

  • My niece has to be careful about the products she uses on her daughter’s skin because she is sensitive. Sunscreen and hats help with sun protection.

  • When my daughter was little I used Dreft. When she was outside I put a hat and sunblock on her. Thank you for the chance 🙂

  • I try to use natural products and apply sunscreen as needed.

  • We use sunscreen and have an air purifier

  • I use unscented sunblock and have been very fortunate that allergens are not a problem.

  • My daughter has really bad eczema & so we only homemade detergent on our clothes. We always wear sunscreen & try to stay out of the sun as much as possible.

  • have not had that problem yet our weather is still cool.

  • We use sunscreen. I do not do anything to protect them from allergens.

  • No allergy problems. We use sunscreen and a cute hat. Also, have a kid tent for the beach.

  • Wear a hat ands itch lotion.

  • We use sunblock and long sleeves for the sun and air purifier for the dusk and allergic in the house for the air.

  • My children always had sensitive skin and always have to use sunscreen. I also use all natural laundry products.

  • Use sun screen for sun protection, haven’t had a problem with allergies.

  • We use a high SPF sunscreen when outside, and so far we haven’t had any allergies in the kids. They love the outdoors so much that we try and go outside during the day and get some sunshine as much as we can.

  • We use a lot of sunscreen for protection. We don’t really do anything for allergies though.

  • We avoid creams and such that have too many rash causing chemicals. We also make sure they have SPF an a hat and are out during non peak UVhours.

  • We use hats.

  • I always use sunscreen and floppy hats on my daughter.

  • to keep down allergens, I used unscented products and dusted. As for the sun, sunscreen with long sleeves and hats.

  • We use alot of sunscreen on them and reapply every half hour

  • Try to keep them inside when the pollen count is very high and always put on sun screen when going for a walk.

  • Keep baby inside then the pollen count is high and keep baby in the shade when outside.

  • My little one had a runny nose forever it seems and he has some allergy meds he can take but I haven’t had to give them to him in a long time, knock on wood. We use a lot of sunscreen because we are both so pale and burn easily, plus hats, sunglasses etc.

  • I protected their soft skin from deadly Sun Rays By putting a Good Sun Screen! I didn’t like them out too much when the sun was the Hottest and brightest. I also put little hats or caps on them so their scalp would also be protected! I didn’t really do anything to protect them from Allergies! I would keep them in if I seen the ragweed was blowing in the air!!We always had animals I just made sure they were clean and brushed and I vacuumed everyday!

  • we use sunscreen and hats and sunglasses,,and lots of handsantizers

  • I don’t have little kids anymore. I am the grand mother of three.

  • I don’t have any kids, but I’ll give this to my sister. 🙂

  • Sun screen is a huge item for us. but as for allergens we don’t have to worry about that

  • I use sunscreen on my kids and a sun hat

  • Inside or if outside sun hats and sunscreen

  • Sunscreen is really important and keep the house vacuumed and dusted.

  • I try to use natural products.

  • There is not a lot that I did to protect from allergies, but I always used a ton of sunscreen to protect from the sun. A baby with a sunburn is the worst thing I can think of. Thanks.

  • I always used Dreft and was crazy about using sunscreen.

  • Use unscented wipes to protect from allergens and sunhat/sunblock to protect from the sun.

  • We use unscented wipes to protect from allergens and a sunhat and sunblock to protect from the sun.

  • I keep the house clean and dust and vacuum often. Being in florida we use the ac most of the time so outdoor allergies arent an issue

  • From the sun we use sunscreen and umbrellas and suits that have sunscreen built in. For allergens, we have the beds covered in allergy approved covers..

  • I try and keep the windows closed as much as possible. We use sunscreen for the kids.

  • we try to find a shade spot when outside to hang out in otherwise we make sure we have sunblock on and a hat!

  • I keep the house clean and dust and vacuum regularly. Also, we keep the doors and windows closed during allergy season. We moisturize skin daily after shower/bath and use sunscreen and hats whenever we go outside in the summer.

  • I always coat my toddlers with sunscreen and if we are at the beach, I add a hat…although they usually don’t keep the hats on! My husband and I don’t allow smoking around our children and we try to keep as clean of a home as possible with two toddlers.

  • Do not see another page here?Does this product have the baby powder scent?I do like that!

  • My son has Celiacs disease so we have to leave out gluten’s from our foods. We had skin cancer so were wear sunblock and try not to out into the sun.

  • I don’t really do much to protect them from allergens, but we always use sunscreen.

  • My kids were so allergic that we kept them inside. We bought a slide to keep them happy. Eventually they grew out of the allergic stage.

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