Easy Period Emergency Kit for Active Teenagers #WhatMonthlyPain

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It seems only yesterday that Hannah was a little girl going to play dates. Somewhere along the way, I closed my eyes and time sped forward. I woke up to find my little girl had turned into a beautiful, active teenager. Her zest for life never ceases to amaze me! Hannah has always been active, but as a teenager, she has so many activities it is hard to keep up! However, preparing for Mother Nature’s monthly visit isn’t a problem! We would love to share our easy period emergency kit, that includes Advil® Menstrual Pain! It has saved the day on more than one occasion!

Easy Period Emergency Kit for Active Teenagers #WhatMonthlyPain

The teenage years is an exciting time. My memory is not so far gone that I can’t remember the excitement and wanting to be involved in activities. I also remember how menstrual pain can put a damper on enjoying anything! It’s not the most enjoyable time of month whatever age you are! When Mother Nature arrives each month, it can bring the dreaded period cramps, headache, and back ache which can often hold you back from participating in the things you love. Hannah has not had a lot of trouble with monthly pain symptoms until lately, when more and more, her symptoms were keeping her from her activities.


As a Mother, it is hard to see your daughter in pain and not enjoying herself! I decided it was time that she needed the help of Advil® Menstrual Pain. So, I talked with Hannah about trying it and the advantages – what it was, how it worked, and explained that it contained NO CAFFEINE OR ANTIHISTAIMES. A lot of other products have caffeine, which can keep you awake when you need to sleep. Others, have unneeded antihistamine products that can cause drowsiness.

Advil Menstrual Pain

We talked a little longer about including it in her emergency monthly bag, along with the directions of how it should be used as directed to help get her back to her regular routine and having fun. She agreed and we planned a shopping trip to Walmart later in the afternoon, our favorite place to shop for our monthly female needs, to pick up some Advil® Menstrual Pain.


First, I had to pry her away from the boyfriend! And, you guessed it! Along with the teenage years, come the boyfriends! I may pretend to fuss, but I actually enjoy when they hang out at the house and carry on with their crazy antics!

Advil Menstrual Pain on the shelf

Their evening finally ended and we made our trip to Walmart to do our shopping. In our Walmart store, the Advil® Menstrual Pain is in the pain reliever aisle. It’s a little hard to find. For some reason, I was expecting to find it with the other Advil® products. However, we found it down on the bottom where the other female monthly pain relievers were.

Advil Menstrual Pain

It must be popular because on the day we went shopping, there were only two boxes left! Knowing how it helps with relief of menstrual cramps, discomfort, and pain for up to 6 hours, I can see why! Check out how we included it in her period emergency kit!

Easy Period Emergency Kit for Active Teenagers

Easy Period Emergency Kit for Active Teenagers with Advil Menstrual Pain

Teenagers are always on the go and don’t like to carry a lot around with them. However, it’s no problem with this easy period emergency kit! It is small enough to conveniently fit in a purse or backpack!

It can be a simple as adding a couple of tampons, pantiliners or pads, and Advil® Menstrual Pain for the cramps, headache, and other pain. For me, I would be loving a chocolate bar in there too 🙂

Easy Period Emergency Kit for Active Teenagers with Advil Menstrual Pain

Add all the items into a cute little zippered bag and there you go. A simple and easy period emergency kit can save the day, especially when Mother Nature decides to make a surprise early visit!

Easy Period Emergency Kit for Active Teenagers with Advil Menstrual Pain

The easy period emergency kit is small enough that it will not take up much room and you know your daughter will always be prepared. They can get on with their day, without interruption, and saying “What monthly pain?”.


I love knowing that my daughter is taken care of and can continue her activities and her day. From sitting in class to school functions, there is still a smile on her face. That’s what I like to see!


She can get back to the business of participating in all her activities, even though this tumble makes me hold my breath – OH MY! However, I know she is doing what she loves, without worrying about monthly period cramps and pain. In the end, that’s what matters the most!


Advil® Menstrual Pain makes pain a distant memory and she can hang with friends and act silly!


From class to school activities there is always something to do! Hannah loves traveling, vacations, and sight-seeing! I am proud that she can enjoy whatever life offers – when ever and where ever – with the help of Advil® Menstrual Pain and her handy period emergency kit!

Easy Period Emergency Kit for Active Teenagers with Advil Menstrual Pain

Why we include Advil® Menstrual Pain in our Easy Period Emergency Kit!

Hannah, and I, love that Advil® Menstrual Pain targets the cause of menstrual cramps & discomfort to relieve pain for up to 6 hours. It is caffeine free, antihistamine free, and easy to swallow. It helps you get back to the activities you love doing! However, always remember to use as directed. Look for it in pain reliever aisle at your local Walmart!

Do you have a teen daughter (12 and up) who experiences menstrual cramps, headache, and/or back pain with her period? Why not let them ask “What Monthly Pain?” by picking up some Advil® Menstrual Pain?


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    I love that you don’t mind the boyfriend hanging around- It sure looks like your teen is well rounded and super active! #client

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