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My daughter is in her sophomore year in college and it is vital now, more than ever, to teach the the good habit of establishing and maintaining good credit.

When I was in college, I fell into the credit trap of getting my first credit card and spending more than I needed to. It could have turned south pretty quickly, but my parents were smart and taught me how to be sensible and how to build credit wisely.Having bad credit can affect many ares of a persons life, especially a young adult coming fresh out of college and looking for a job. Then it can become more stressful trying to fix credit. One thing I vowed when I had my daughter 20 years ago was to teach her better personal finance than I did when I was her age.In today’s world of technology, managing credit for her and I both is much easier than it was 20 years ago. We each recently signed up with Credit Sesame to view a personal credit report card. It was amazing how simple and easy it was to sign up. With just a bit of information, I was able to view my credit report card. What was even more interesting is that Credit Sesame is more than just a credit score source, it it also offers free tips and tools to help you reach your financial goals.

I found a couple of things on my own report that surprised me, most of all the free credit score. I am able to take the information found and put things into place to help achieve a few more financial goals. One service that I like about Credit Sesame is that it has free Credit Monitoring and Identity Protection.

I am glad that I found Credit Sesame to assist me in not only my own financial goals, but educate my daughter is an easy-to-use way for her. Technology is the way of our future, her future and to be able to get up-to-date information online about her credit with Credit Sesame is both imperative and amazing for her future financial goals.

Be sure to sign up for your free credit report card today with Credit Sesame. You can also find tips and tools to help you work towards your personal finance needs. Also stay connected socially for their latest news release and information.

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24 thoughts on “Empower College Students to Take Charge of Their Finances #CreditSesame #ShopShare #Financial

  • This is such an important service for our college kids ,the last thing they need is to enter the world with debts to repay

  • What a great article.

  • Very smart idea.

  • Credit sesame is as good if not better than credit karma,I find it easy to use and very detailed

  • Great tips.

  • Great tips and ideas for all college kids.

  • Awesome tips for our college kids just starting out in the world.

  • I had never heard of Credit Sesame, so thank you for sharing it with us!

  • this is a very smart ideal

  • It is wonderful that Credit Sesame can assist with financial goals.

  • My Son had some problems at that time,when he was in college,but we tried to give him good advice,this would have been great for him to use then!!

  • Credit reports are important and necessary to check a few times a year.

  • All young adults, college or not, should be educated on the use of credit cards and how using them incorrectly can ruin their financial future.

  • Great tips and ideas for your college kids ,credit is so important these days

  • Maintaining good credit is a must. This is the first time I have heard of credit sesame.

  • I never heard of Credit Sesame before this. It is certainly something worth looking into.

  • So important to watch your credit score, so thank you for this information! I am passing this along to my college-aged children as well!

  • This is a great,informative thing to know since I didn’t know about Credit Sesame and could really help college students.

  • What a great article,credit sesame is super easy to use and gives you tips on paying down your debt

  • I was blessed to have had parents who taught me how to use credit wisely. I have tried to pass that knowledge on to my children. It is a vital skill. Any service that helps young people learn to manage finances wisely is important.

  • What a great post to share! Thanks so much.

  • I’ve heard of Credit Sesame before but have not used it. It’s true what your saying about college students,bad choices can ruin your credit for many years and it’s good to get help to help understand it!

  • I have used credit sesame in the past, was easy to sign up and navigate through

  • This sounds like a very good service.

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