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Do you know what to do when your Thanksgiving turkey is a fail? Head over to Momma Lew’s blog where she has some great tips from the experts at Butterball, plus some delicious Thanksgiving recipes!Would you like to win 1 of 2 Butterball vouchers to buy your Thanksgiving turkey this year? Enter to win through the giveaway tools below. US only, 18+, one winner per household. Good luck!


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  1. stella methvin says:

    We always do Thanksgiving, sometimes we have a houseful sometimes only a few. Depends on the grown kids. They have to trade off every other year.

  2. Rachel Clarke says:

    Brining is always a great idea. I’ve had turkey many ways, brining is one of my favorites. There are so many great ideas for turkey.

  3. Darla Myers says:

    I make the holiday meals, this year I’m teaching my daughter and new son in law how to cook their first Thanksgiving Butter Ball turkey. Hopefully they can pass the tradition on to Future generations.

  4. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I often host Thanksgiving dinner for my family

  5. aaron reck says:

    I like my turkey moist if it is to dry I won’t eat it. Thaanks so much. I like to have some stuffing right now.

  6. Jennifer L says:

    I have never brined before but my mom has and it worked out great!

  7. Kelly McGrew says:

    No it is at my sisters but we all chip in portions of the meal! It would be great if I could contribute the turkey this year.

  8. DIANE HOLLMAN says:

    hhmm brining, grandma did that & her turkeys were delicious, may have to try that!

  9. Sounds like Brining a Turkey is the way to go!

  10. Sabrina Foster says:

    I have never brined a turkey before. Am considering trying this next time!

  11. We have a big Thanksgiving dinner with all our family members.

  12. Mandy hammons says:

    I love thanksgiving dinner with turkey and all the fixings

  13. ronalee duncan says:

    I have brined a chicken before and would love to try it with turkey. It takes time, but it comes out so moist.

  14. We don’ host Thanksgiving. We just bring a side dish and a dessert to wherever we’re going.

  15. Love a juicy turkey on Thanksgiving and pot pies the next day!

  16. We do have Thanksgiving at our home and usually have a single friend come over

  17. Jennifer Hedden says:

    No we go to my parents, but we bring food and help with the meal.

  18. Occasionally we will have guests for T-day, but mostly not.

  19. Elizabeth Tarlow says:

    I always have a small family post Thanksgiving dinner, but have never hosted my own Thanksgiving Day Meal for the whole family.

  20. We don’t host Thanksgiving at our house, we do to my sister’s!

  21. No, we just have a family dinner.

  22. I love turkey. I make a whole turkey several times a year. I have never brined it. This year for Thanksgiving I might use this recipe to do it.

  23. No I don’t host thanksgiving. I just make turkey etc. for my son and I.

  24. Karen Giasson says:

    I would never brine my turkey. I find putting butter under and in the turkey and covering it for most of the cooking makes a very moist turkey.

  25. Cindy Brooks says:

    Before I retired I usually had to work on Thanksgiving (and all of the holidays), so I didn’t often get to host a meal. Now we live too far from family, so I still don’t!

  26. Cindy Brooks says:

    A coworker taught me how to brine a turkey a few years ago. Best turkey ever!

  27. Dorothy Boucher says:

    I sure do, I usually have some of my family members who come here and often anyone else .

  28. I’ve never cooked a whole turkey before. I didn’t know about brining, but would definitely give it a try. I love my turkey moist.

  29. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I like the idea of brining a turkey to make it moist.

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