Factors Contributing to the Success of Mobile Gaming

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Mobile games gained popularity enormously in the early 2010’s. It has been years since the mobile business was almost considered as a non-existing industry, however, the latest technologies and evolution in trends is all that have transformed this market into a $17.5 billion industry today.

Unlike the earlier era when gaming was restricted to the big screen, video games that could only be played on a computer, PC’s, and Laptop, the developers crafted spectacular smartphones that supports a variety of games. And, there isn’t anything surprising to say that in terms of graphics, visual quality, and sound effects, a lot of improvement is observed. Same is true for bingo. It has eliminated the requirement of physical bingo halls.

Nowadays, despite the smartphone model you have, almost every individual would have played mobile games at some point in their life, haven’t you? Now, what has made the mobile games like the mobile bingo gaming emerged out to be way too popular? Let’s find out:

Evolving Technology

Do you know the first handset that supported mobile gaming? It was blackberries and PDA’s that had let the people play some common games. On the contrary, these models were sold as business tools instead of entertainment purpose. However, the idea that ‘phones aren’t made for entertainment’ changed after the launch of the iPhone device. It gained substantial success and was especially known for its entertainment features. Since then an array of competitors emerged with their amazing designs.

This evolution in technology has what shifted the interests of the people from TV to their smartphone today.

Early mobility

Have you ever played game snakes? This was the very first game designed and developed by ESA (Entertainment Software Association) in the early 90’s. And probably, this was the only game which drove the entire populace crazy over it. The game could only be played on Texas instruments Graphic Calculator. Basically, the users had to feed the snakes with eggs so that they can grow into a gigantic one.

Although it gained an incontestable popularity, the device was very expensive which is why there wasn’t a great scope in this field. It took probably 10+ years for the game developers to make advance their game development to the mobile.

Costs and Funding

Cost of production is another core factor that has a major contribution to the mobile gaming industry. In addition to the fact that mobile gaming is comparatively cheaper than the traditional games, their cost of developments is not much.

There are only fewer codes needed for the mobile games development and this accelerates the production time. Comparing to the traditional games that would cost no less than $50 for the overall production, the modern online bingo games are designed within a few dollars.

So these were 3 essential factors that contribute to the development of mobile games. Prior to the smartphones, the games were played largely on PlayStation and Instruments graphics calculator and as these devices were sold at hefty prices, not everyone could afford it. Not only does this gaming is affordable but it is innovative and convenient, and is the primary reason behind the rise of players of simple games like online slots and mobile bingo games.


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