FORT: The Toy That Exercises Kids Bodies And Minds

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With the holidays and winter months already upon us, many kids are searching for indoor activities to escape the cold, and while it’s easy to reach for a tablet, TV remote or video game console, FORT’s magnetic pillow FORTs offer an indoor activity that’s fun and engaging for both the mind and body.

Made with foam blocks covered in waterproof fabric, FORT blocks connect with magnets (and imagination) and I’m confident that they will become your kids’ new favorite toy, activity AND piece of furniture. 

About FORT

FORT was founded in St. Louis by Conor B. Lewis. 

Watching my wife and 2 year old making pillow forts with blankets that kept falling in, it struck me that there could be a better way. I wrote “magnetic pillow fort” in a random idea document on my phone and filed it away.

April 2020 I lost my job due to COVID, I was just about to have my second child and didn’t have any idea what to do.

I always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but never really felt like I could pull it off – until I saw “magnetic pillow fort” on that random document. It struck me just right and I had nothing to lose.

It didn’t take long for me to build a brand and work with a designer. After only a month I was talking to factories and FORT was born!

Foam blocks with waterproof fabric and MAGNETS. FORT gives kids a space to build and destroy, giving back your couch cushions and sanity. 

Build anything they can imagine – the possibilities are endless!


Easy assembly, cleanup, breakdown and storage! 

Custom neodymium magnets keep the builds up so kiddos can crawl inside. They’re strong, but not so strong that they can’t be easily manipulated! The pieces are light enough so that little ones can move them without help. This enables creative, open-ended play . . . no screens involved! Wipes clean with just soap & water.  The FORT can even be used outside!

What are you waiting for? Pick up your FORT today and give your kids endless hours of play, imagination and enjoyment while cooped up indoors this winter season.

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22 thoughts on “FORT: The Toy That Exercises Kids Bodies And Minds

  • This looks like a lot of fun. What kid wouldn’t want to have their own fort or space? Love the way it can be stored when not in use.

  • I am an exercise advocate.
    The body is meant to be moved in whatever works for you!

  • Wpw this is really cool. I wish that they had this when I was a kid!


  • Wow, this is sure cool. The grandkids would love playing with these.

  • Looks like fun good idea

  • It is always so amazing to watch kids at play. they have nothing in their head saying you can not do this. I could see her building something with this that would be so creative. SHE would love it………….. but it does take up a lot of room

  • This is a great product for kids! My grandson would have loved it when he was as little.

  • What a fun idea. Make lots of thing with it.

  • My grandchildren would love this! They love to build things out of building blocks but, this looks like even more fun.

  • I love this and I am sure my great niece would love this!! Kids are so creative she could build all kinds of stuff with this. BUT her mother would SAY NO………… there is just no room in the hose. And mother’s always win on this kinda thing.

  • Great toy for imaginary play

  • I love that this gives them a way to have their own little space and be creative in building it

  • Looks awesome!

  • My great niece would LOVE this! and if I got it my niece would look at and say IT WILL STAY AT YOUR HOUSE!!

    Just not enoguh room at her house

  • This sounds like one that the kids would so love to play with.

  • my cousin would love this!

  • seems useful for kids

  • What a fun thing for kids. 🙂

  • This would be great for my granddaughter.

  • This is smart – I am all for it!

  • that would be so great to have for the kids when they visit

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