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About a year ago, my little town of Harrison, OH obtained a new restaurant that I had not heard of before – Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers. I was elated to try out this new spot and see what they had to offer. My initial draw was the “frozen custard” aspect of their sign. Who knew at that moment, my life would be turned upside down and intro a food frenzy unlike anything I had experienced before!
Freddy’s has become the most requested place to go whenever we dine out. What do I love about Freddy’s? That list is long, but I will share a few of my favorite things about Freddy’s with you.

The Ambiance

From the moment you walk into the door, you get the immediate feel of walking into a classic diner where families and friends gather together to enjoy food, fun and frivolity. Some of the booths even have spinning bar stools to give you that true ice cream parlor vibe.

You place your order at the counter and then wait for that amazing meal to be prepared. While waiting, get yourself a pop and prepare your fry sauce for when your order is ready. When ready, they will call out your number and you head to the pick-up station for your order.

The Meals 

Freddy’s offers so many things to choose from on their menu including steakburgers (prepared on a special, proprietary grill to give the edges that crispy, delicious look and flavor),  hot dogs (you must try the Chicago Dog Freddy’s Style), patty melts, and fries. Let’s talk about that Fry Sauce for just a moment. This sauce is unlike any other dipping sauce I have tasted before. It is a secret blend of spices and other ingredients that can flavor anything from your burgers and fries to chicken and fish dishes. They conveniently sell it at each location so you can enjoy it on other things at home. I recently basted pork chops with this sauce and the flavor explosion was mind-blowing!

The Custard

Freddy’s frozen custard is light years ahead better than any other frozen treat we have ever tried. What is the difference between frozen custard and frozen yogurt, you ask? While both contain milk and cream, the two things that stand out are 1) custard also contains egg yolk and…2) Freddy’s method of preparation includes pushing the custard air out in the mixing process. That gives the custard a rich, smooth and continuous creamy texture, even when refrozen. This means you won’t get that “freezer burn” crystals on your custard like you would with yogurt or traditional ice cream.

Freddy’s also has cookies! 

Freddy’s also prepares frozen treats that you can grab right out of the freezer case next to the register. Adam prefers the larger Oreo Custard cookie the most and gets one every time we take a trip to Freddy’s (which is weekly, at minimum)!

The Community, The Philanthropy! 

The particular Freddy’s location we visited was located at 3792 Waterford Pkwy, Amelia, OH 45102. Freddy’s currently has 7 locations in the Cincinnati regional area and plans of more to come! As part of their business, they make it a priority to involve themselves in the community as much as they can.

While we were having dinner, there was a group of classic car aficionados that come to this particular Freddy’s location each Tuesday evening to share their cars with the community and enjoy a weekly meal together.

Another recent way we learned Freddy’s is working with the community is through the Boy Scouts of America. Several packs and troops will be selling Freddy’s cookies as a fundraiser to raise money for their activities.

Looking for help with your fundraising needs? They offer several ways to make money for your program or organization. Some ways include:

  • Dine & Donate Nights – earn a portion of the sales for the day that will go to your organization*
  • Raffles and Door Prizes – Freddy’s is always willing to donate baskets, gift cards and products to help your fundraising efforts.
  • Catering for your event – Freddy’s can bring Custard Sundae Bars, cookies, hot dogs and chili to your location at cost. You then serve your customers for a price and all proceeds go to your program.

One way to motivate the kids is with FREE CUSTARD! The Freddy’s reading program helps encourage kids to read, especially during the summer months when they are out of school. After reading 5 books, have the bookmark signed and take it to your local Freddy’s location for a FREE cone or dish of custard.


So, what is new at Freddy’s? Well let me tell you about the ooey-gooey goodness of their CHEESE CURDS!

Made with premium white cheddar cheese, the cheese curds are coated in butter crumbs and fried to perfection. They are available in 2 sizes 5 oz. and 10 oz and come with a ranch dipping sauce. For a twist, dip them in the Freddy’s Fry Sauce – trust me, you won’t regret it!

Freddy’s is open 7 days a week (hours and days may vary by location). Be sure to head to your Freddy’s location today and try all they have to offer. Trust me when I say you will adore your trip to Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers and will want to go back again and again and again.

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