Are Free Websites Really Free?

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Anyone looking to publish a website for free should understand that nothing is really ‘free’ in this life. Yes, you can build a website for free and you can even use their templates to build a page with your name on it, but is that really building a website? Probably not!

You need to know what questions to ask before spending foolish hours building a site that isn’t what you had expected. 

Will You Really Get a Domain Name?

While many of these free website builders promise you your own domain name for ‘free,’ there is often some gimmick involved. For example, are you going to get a site that has an URL like ‘’ or will you be getting a website that has an URL such as ‘’? It’s all in how you interpret what they are promising you so make sure to question whether or not you will be getting your own domain name or simply an extension of theirs! This is especially important if you are building a commercial site for a business endeavour.

The Best Way to Get an Almost Free Website

Actually, with a minimal initial expense, you can get a ‘free’ website, but you do have to lay down a small amount of cold, hard cash in the beginning. Check out sites like and you’ll see that if you buy a hosting package you can get a domain name.

The key is to buy your web hosting from a company that offers a reseller package. You pay initially, but once your site is set up and you start generating traffic, you can resell part of your hosting package that will offset the cost of your own hosting. In addition, you may even earn enough to cover the entire monthly hosting fees and a bit extra to repay that initial expense. Some hosting resellers actually make a living by reselling web hosting. They continually upgrade their own package, resell what they don’t use, and after a time that converts to money deposited in their accounts. Now that is a free website!

Free Websites vs Free Website Builders

How most people are roped into thinking they are going to get a fee website is because of what comes up in a Google search. Type in ‘free website’ and you’ll get pages and pages of free website builder sites. These offer templates to use to build your site, but few actually give you a real domain name and everything involved in building a website for free. Check out a few of them to see for yourself!

In the end, nothing is ever free in the sense that you will never pay anything. However, with a little research and some time spent building a great site, you can eventually get that site for free and be repaid for everything you’ve spent to date. Are there really any free websites out there? Probably not in the way you are thinking so prepare yourself to put a little money down. Your site will eventually be free, so go into it with that understanding and you won’t be disappointed.

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