How to Get Better Ratings for Your Airbnb Rental

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Airbnb has become an immensely popular lodging method for destinations all over the world. A missing link between couch surfing and proper hotel lodging, it has allowed for travelers to find an affordable yet comfortable place to stay. It also allowed many hosts to earn a decent living. However, how well your rental will rate on the famous website is mainly up to you. The service is a two-way street: you have to give in order to get. You can’t just list any old shed and expect your guests to be happy they found a place to stay. Airbnb is sure to punish any serious violations of their terms of use and ban your listing.

Another reason why Airbnb is very popular among travelers is the fact that they can rely on other people’s feedback to find the perfect lodging. So how can you make sure your Airbnb rental gets good ratings and becomes popular with travelers from all around the world?

In this guide, we’ll give you some ideas!

Clean the Rental Regularly

First and foremost, the apartment or rental has to be in good condition. Basically, if you wouldn’t live there don’t expect your guests to be happy with the condition it is in either. Make sure to clean the rental after your guests leave and before new ones arrive. Thoroughly clean critical areas such as the bathroom and the kitchen, make sure to clean the dust and vacuum the floors. If you cannot manage cleaning on your own, consider hiring a reputable company like MaidThis! to help you keep your rental in good shape.

Provide Good Wi-Fi

In this day age, staying connected is everything. The first thing almost every guest will ask is “what’s the wi-fi password”. Your guests need internet to stay in touch with their families at home, look up places they want to visit, restaurants where they can eat or just share the experience on social media. Having a poor wi-fi connection can therefore really hinder your ratings and narrow down your potential list of visitors. To prevent that make sure you invest in a good router and place it high up on a shelf. This way the signal will be stronger throughout the apartment. If you’re renting out a bigger place consider wi-fi signal amplifiers that are mounted in electric sockets and help increase the signal throughout the home.

Invest in Fittings and Hardware

You may not have to renovate your entire home, but invest in the areas that guests touch the most such as faucets, sinks, electrical switches, and door handles. Replacing these will give your rental a bigger appeal. Make sure that the kitchen faucet is not dripping. The same goes for shower heads and faucets. Finally, invest in security rails since you never know if you might be getting a senior guest. The gesture will be much appreciated in the ratings.

Remodel the Walls

If you’re renting an old apartment make sure to adorn the walls with a fresh coat of paint. This is the cheapest project guaranteed to generate a good impression with guests, which will reflect on your ratings. Choose neutral colors for the walls, since they are more likely to appeal to all tastes. You can contrast them with colorful contemporary furniture.

Take Quality Pictures of the Rental

Pictures along with ratings can make or break your efforts to rent the apartment. Therefore, taking photos with your camera might not do your rental justice. Instead, consider hiring a professional photographer to capture the right angles to make the place appear bigger and look its best.

If you cannot afford a professional photographer, here’s how to make your Airbnb rental look good in pictures:

  • Make sure there’s enough light in the room. Shoot during the day and open all blinders and curtains
  • Level the camera with the horizon. Make sure to level with the lines of the walls
  • Stand as far back as possible so you can get a larger portion of the room on camera
  • Include close-ups of key elements like the shower, the bed or the windows.

Leave a Good Impression

Whenever you can, make sure you greet your guests in person. Make sure you help them get settled in, show them all the features in your home and be there for them if they need anything. Then go one step further and give them tips on where to get a good meal around the rental, which places to visit, what to avoid, which taxis to call and other local knowledge.

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  • You know I didnt even know what an airbnb was until just a week ago. There were news reports many had cameras in them. I mean I could see wanting your property to be secure, but some were quite intrusive. Good tips on how to rent them though.

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